The Hazards of Poorly Ventilated HVAC Systems & How They Affect Your Employees

the hazards of poorly ventilated hvac systems & how they affect your employeesGood quality and fresh indoor air in the workplace or commercial space is not only important for the comfort of the workers and your customers, but also for their well-being. Poor indoor air quality can be lethal and hazardous to their health. There are various factors that affect indoor air quality such as poor ventilation, bad controlling temperature, extremely high or low humidity, recent remodeling or other similar activities within a building or nearby places.

Poorly ventilated HVAC systems can affect the fresh air coming into the workplace in a negative way. At times, specific pollutants, for instance, dust from renovation or construction, pesticides, cleaning supplies, or other airborne chemicals may cause poor indoor air quality.

Additionally, Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems are used to maintain good indoor air quality by means of adequate ventilation with filtration while providing thermal comfort. Usually, due to ever-changing climatic conditions, outdoor air must be cooled or heated to provide adequate thermal comfort for the employees and customers, requiring the addition function of your commercial HVAC system.

Poorly Ventilated HVAC Systems Can Have Significant Hazards:

  • Only a restricted amount of fresh air can get into the workplace. Mostly, poor HVAC systems allow only 20% outdoor air combined with 80% re-circulated indoor air in closed offices.
  • Poor HVAC systems cannot completely control pollutants and impurities because they are unable to remove them. The contaminants rather spread throughout the office or commercial space for longer periods of time.
  • With poor commercial HVAC systems, employee exposure is hard to control near the contaminant source due to lack of direct ventilation.
  • The required amount of air for removing a contaminant is so large that it cannot be handled by a poorly ventilated HVAC system.
  • Most of the low-quality HVAC systems have fixed settings and it does not allow the employees to control ventilation degree.

Does it Cause Major Issues to Your Employees?

Symptoms that are related to poorly ventilated HVAC systems are varied. They are very likely to be mistaken for symptoms of other diseases. The most common clue is that employees feel ill being inside the office, and the symptoms go away as soon as they leave the building.

Poorly ventilated HVAC systems can be a threat to your employee’s health which needs to be fixed. When you have properly ventilated HVAC systems you not only protect the equipment but also protect the employees in the building from health concerns and discomfort.

Is it a Substantial Problem for the Employees?

Poorly ventilated HVAC Systems are a substantial problem that affects you and your employees and for some companies, it doesn’t get the required attention it should. 

Commercial HVAC systems that are poorly ventilated allow build-up and an assortment of hazardous contaminants to affect the function of the system. It results in harmful physical effects on employees and customers. 

The answer to the question, “Does this cause problems for your employees?” the answer is yes. Poor air flow, as well as poor quality of air, can cause problems for your employees as well as your business. Having a commercial HVAC system that has poor ventilation will cause sick days and downtime to your business. In essence, it will affect not only your employees but your bottom line.  

It is important to have your ventilation system as part of your routine maintenance for your commercial HVAC system. We can’t help you with your ventilation, but we can assist with providing you a reliable remanufactured commercial compressor that will aid your system is running smoothly and properly. It is a part of your system you will rely on with good reason.


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