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The Danfoss Compressor: Powerful, Reliable, and Efficient

Danfoss is one of the leading suppliers of innovative cooling and commercial refrigeration solutions, which meet the highest quality standards and strict energy efficiency requirements. Currently, Danfoss compressors are specifically designed for residential and commercial air conditioning, commercial refrigeration, and process cooling applications.

Danfoss delivers some of the most reliable and energy-efficient compressors that can fit a wide range of applications and operating conditions. As a result, these compressors offer a great option for many commercial air conditioning or commercial refrigeration systems.

Currently, several different unit sizes are available, including compressors below 2KW for light commercial systems; designs above 20KW for large commercial applications; and units that range from 2KW to 20KW for regular commercial cooling and refrigeration operations.

At Compressors Unlimited, we make available a variety of new Danfoss compressor models, which operate with different types of refrigerants, including R404A, R134a, R407A/R407C/R407F, R507A or R22, as well as eco-friendly refrigerant options, such as R290 and R600a.

Quality Compressors Paired with Quality Service

When you choose a Danfoss compressor, you can expect year-round comfort, improved air quality, superior system performance, and excellent flexibility in application.

Additionally, our employees at Compressors Unlimited continue to devote their best efforts to deliver quality and efficiency in everything they do, from product to service. As a result, you can rely on our experienced professionals to offer you the most compact, reliable, and dependable solutions for your business. As an approved vendor for Danfoss Compressors, we do our best to assist you in finding the right Danfoss compressor.

Our Warranty

Compressors Unlimited provides products and services that meet customer requirements in terms of satisfaction, reliability, and trust. As we are committed not only to meeting but also to exceeding expectations, we believe in strong customer service before, during, and after the purchase.

It is for this reason that the Danfoss compressors we make available are accompanied by an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) warranty which guarantees that the Danfoss products you purchase are free from defects in materials and workmanship of the original manufacturer, Danfoss.

To find out if a Danfoss compressor is the tool you need for your air conditioning or refrigeration application, please check out our product selection, or talk to our experienced and friendly professionals directly at (972)-338-4671.

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***Please note that Compressors Unlimited cannot export OEM products. Please refer any questions to your local distributor for current pricing and availability.***

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