12 Month Limited Warranty

At Compressors Unlimited, our remanufactured compressors are covered by a comprehensive warranty against defects in workmanship and materials for 12 months from the date of purchase. Our competent specialists will perform a careful inspection of all the compressors returned within the warranty period. If a product is found defective, we will repair or replace it.

Compressors Unlimited reserves the right to treat a remanufactured compressor as out-of-warranty if:

  • The failure is due to improper storage prior to the installation;
  • The compressor has been subjected to improper operation due to liquid slugging, poor system engineering, improper voltage, installation into a contaminated system, and running the unit in a single phase condition;
  • The damage is due to unreasonable use and/or neglect;
  • The failure is the result of repairs made by others;
  • The damage is caused by improper system maintenance, including failure to keep air filters clean and to maintain proper refrigerant and/or lubrication levels;
  • The failure is incidental and/or consequential (e.g. due to pre-existing problems that have remained undetected until after the installation of the compressor replacement);
  • The buyer continues to operate the system after the claim has been initiated;
  • The compressor is returned from a source other than the buyer.

Although we provide a standard 12 month limited warranty for our remanufactured compressors, we also offer the option to purchase an extended warranty on many of our compressors. This type of warranty covers the cost of repairs and/or replacements after the initial warranty has expired.

Compressors Unlimited does not consider warranty claims, unless the accounts are current and in good standing.

Our limited warranty does not include:

  • Additional parts and accessories (these are subject to the warranties, if any, of their manufacturers), motor replacement, condenser replacement, or replacement of switches, plugs, fuses, and circuit breakers;
  • Refrigerant and/or oil recharge;
  • Labor of any kind as well as inspection and diagnosis fees that do not result in eligible warranty service being performed;
  • Transportation charges in connection with the replacement or repair of the compressor;
  • Consequential damages for downtime, loss of use of the equipment, and inconvenience.

It is the buyer’s responsibility to perform the necessary repairs or replacements of the products that are not covered by our warranty, as described above. As well, any additional claims or damages are the responsibility of the buyer.


There are no express or implied warranties that extend beyond the description of the warranty options described above. Also, no one else is authorized to provide warranty on our behalf.

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***Please note that Compressors Unlimited cannot export OEM products. Please refer any questions to your local distributor for current pricing and availability.***