How Insects Can Affect Your Commercial Refrigerant System

How Insects Can Affect Your Commercial Refrigerant System

Nobody likes to find insects or rodents, especially cockroaches in or around their commercial refrigerant system. Let alone these insects and other pests that enter the food storage spaces like pantries and refrigerators or your commercial establishment. Getting rid of them can become a serious issue if the place is fully infested by insects or rodents. They can find a million nooks and crannies to hide comfortably and start raving havoc on your commercial refrigerant system.

Insects Can Affect Your Commercial Refrigerant System

There are several types of insects that love to live around and in places where humans live. Their life depends on the environment where all the conditions are smooth for living, moving, feeding, and reproducing.  The top-most popular and despised insects are cockroaches. Despite the fact that they are repulsive and irritating, they spread fast and once they dominate a place, it is hard to eliminate them.

The commercial refrigerant system can suffer from harm if there is a roach infestation. The first thing that happens is the soiling of each and every spot of the refrigerant’s cooling system. You can see with the naked eye the tiny roach-droppings carpeting the corners, cracks, surfaces, and wires.

Cleaning these nooks and crannies is no small job. Sometimes, companies do several thorough cleanings of the entire set up of their appliances, devices, and tools in order to get rid of the roaches.

Spiders can also spread fast in an area like this and the most irritating thing about them are their cobwebs. These cobwebs are of different textures and sizes. Often they are invisible and flimsy. However when they get into the area of your machinery, it can cause issues with your systems performance. 

Other insects like ants of all sizes are a cause for worry for any commercial refrigerant system. The ants make their homes by making burrows along your machine’s components as well as inside of them. This can damage the refrigerant system, especially if the ants are able to house deep inside the machinery and have stored food there. These food particles can attract other hungry insects there as well. Also, ants shift their eggs from one place to another when a different level of temperature is needed for the survival of unhatched eggs. This can be another disastrous situation for the machinery. 

What do You Do to Save Commercial Refrigerants from Insects

As part of your regular maintenance, check for insects and other damaging rodents that may have taken refuge within your system. Take necessary actions to remove the damaging dwellers from the area. For insects you may want to treat the area with an approved commercial solvent to prevent future dwellers from taking up shop in your system. 

Take a look around the area and see if you can spot where they are coming in at. Once you have discovered their point of entry, get the entrance fixed to eliminate future infestations. 

If you notice at anytime your system is not running effectively or experiencing malfunctions, rodents or insects of various kinds could be to blame. If you notice you have an issue, follow the suggestions above and remove the culprits. After you have done so, be sure to test your system to ensure they have not caused further damage you may not see at first sight. 

If you find that your system is not running as effectively or efficiently as it should be, check out our guide for commercial refrigerant malfunctions to see if any of these tips can help you get your system back on track. 


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