Hitachi Screw Compressors: The Basics

For the modern commercial center, the most widely utilized a/c compressor models are turning screw compressors. They are valued mainly for their low noise output and reliable effectiveness. One of the most common types of rotary compressor is the Hitachi screw compressor and it just so happens to be one of our favorites too.

Utilizing Technology to Your Advantage

These types of air compressor are relatively new over the whole history of the compressor industry. They utilize advanced innovations to achieve high levels of efficiency and eco-friendliness. This is imperative in light of the fact that these compressors are intended to run 24 hours, seven days a week and for numerous years.

The wide assortment of types of screw compressor are grouped on their stages, drive sort and cooling strategy. The most mainstream model found in the market is a solitary stage and oil infused rotating screw compressor. These models embed oil coordinate into the pressure chamber. Different models of compressors are completely oil free. These are good choices when any measure of oil leaking into the air around them would cause harm to or taint either the compressor or the item. In any case, the oil infusion models are found much more frequently in turning screw air compressors. The Hitachi screw compressor is an example of an oil flooded model.

How Does the Power Work?

The power output from these compressors is generated by two counter revolving screws in the chamber. Air from outside goes through a filter to expel debris and any destructive particles. The filtered air enters through an inlet valve between the interlocking screws. When the rotors are turned, the air travels to the furthermost end in the compression chamber. The pressure of the air is increased as the space for the air is decreased. This action flows in one smooth movement which is altogether different from piston compressors which contain a surge, or pulsing action.

The oil serves to clean, seal, lubricate, cool and secure the rotational screw air compressor. The air and oil created is isolated in a tank. This goes through a weight valve and may need to be cooled, contingent on the model. Where this causes buildup, this is isolated from the air. The Hitachi screw compressor creates a constant flow of compressed air or refrigerant at a high volume.

By seeing how oil and air is filtered and cooled, it easier to understand how the business of rotary screw compressors function proficiently. With this, you can plan for their upkeep and always keep a known provider accessible for quick delivery of substitute compressors, parts and accessories.


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