The Carlyle Compressor: Reciprocating and Screw Models

While many experts argue about which compressor – a screw or reciprocating model, operates best, we understand the virtues of both. One of the companies offering its clients the best in both worlds is Carlyle. The Carlyle compressor provides high quality work with superior performance no matter what type you prefer. They offer both the refrigeration and HVAC industries compressors with unique qualities capable of successfully handling diverse applications.

Carlyle Reciprocating Compressors

Often referred to as a piston compressor, the Carlyle reciprocating compressor represents a very simplistic construction. The major factor in its operating and the basic reason for its decried noise level are the pistons. Operating within cylinders, utilizing suction and discharge valves, these devices are responsible for the suction and compression of the gas used as a refrigerant.

Carlyle produces different models – both hermetic and semi-hermetic. We offer several, including 06E, a semi hermetic compressor originally introduced in the 1960s. The company continues to work on improving their most successful line. The semi-hermetic Carlyle compressor has a solid reputation for reducing the risk for refrigerant leakage. By tucking the motor safely within the case holding the compressor, any penetration by the shaft, a major cause of leakage, is reduced.

Carlyle Screw Compressors

Carlyle screw compressors are also high performance equipment. They deliver high quality cooling capacity over long service lives. They, like all Carlyle compressors, are reliable and efficient. Just as important is the lack of noise. They are much quieter than their reciprocating cousins are. The Paragon series is a classic example of this type of compressor.

The Carlyle Compressor

At Compressors Unlimited, we supply the highest quality remanufactured compressors on the market. With superior quality and high performance, we highly recommend a Carlyle compressor from our line. The company continues to amaze the industry with its innovative use of technology as it works hard to meet the demanding standards of the heating and cooling industry.


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