The Frascold Compressor: What You Need to Know About Vapor Compressors

Frascold is a global leader in the production of reciprocating and screw compressors along with air cooled condensing units for a wide variety of air conditioning and refrigeration solutions. Currently, the company provides more than 300 compressor models and advanced technologies that facilitate precise and efficient temperature control in different commercial and industrial cooling applications.  

The vapor compression system is one of the most widely used technologies for air-conditioning of buildings as well as for cold and refrigerated storage in different environments.  

How Does a Vapor Compression System Work?

In vapor compression systems, refrigerants undergo two isothermal phase changes. Circulated through various components, refrigerants change state from vapor to liquid and then back, from liquid to vapor, absorbing and transporting heat away from temperature-controlled spaces.  

At a very basic level, a vapor compressor refrigeration system involves four main components and stages, such as:

  1. Vapor compressor – During the compression stage, the refrigerant enters the compressor as a gas. Compressed adiabatically, the gas turns into a liquid and exits the compressor under high pressure and high temperature.
  2. Condenser – The high-pressure, high-temperature refrigerant flows through the condenser, where it releases heat to the environment within the condenser.
  3. Throttling valve – Inside the throttling valve, the refrigerant expands and releases pressure. At this stage, the temperature of the refrigerant drops suddenly to meet a certain pre-set value.
  4. Evaporator – Entering the evaporator as a liquid, the refrigerant undergoes again a phase change, turning from liquid into a low-pressure, low-temperature gas that produces the cooling effect. Then, it enters the compressor to restart to vapor compressor refrigeration cycle.

Top Reasons to Choose the Vapor Compression Technology

Using the thermodynamic characteristics of some refrigerants, the vapor compression technology requires a small amount of energy in order to generate the necessary refrigerant flow and remove heat from enclosed spaces. Therefore, this technology provides a cost-efficient approach to active thermal management.

Nowadays, vapor compressors like the Frascold compressor are the heart of many air conditioning and refrigeration systems. The Frascold vapor compressors offer several important advantages, such as:

  • They use a very mature technology that is relatively inexpensive.
  • Using recirculated air in a sealed environment to remove heat and cool the heat source, the Frascold vapor compressors can be employed over a large range of temperatures and are an ideal choice for efficiently cooling bulk heat loads in different air-conditioning applications. Since vapor compression systems eliminate the use of secondary coolants, fans and pumps, which typically add complexity to air conditioning and refrigeration units, they reduce the operating costs, while offering some compact and quiet cooling solutions.
  • The Frascold compressor delivers superior efficiency and excellent thermal performance not only in air conditioning but also in liquid chiller systems. Because these systems use pumps to circulate the secondary fluid, they ensure a higher heat transfer rate compared to other systems. Furthermore, they require smaller heat exchangers, facilitating lightweight and compact design.

Characterized by high efficiency and reliability, the wide range of vapor compressors provided by Frascold are appropriate for different applications that must meet certain active thermal management requirements.

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