Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Schedule

commercial refrigeration maintenance schedule

Your commercial refrigeration units were a big investment, and you rely upon them to work dependably year round. Of course, to get the most life out of your refrigerators, you need to make sure that they are being properly maintained according to manufacturer guidelines. This maintenance schedule will help keep things in check and alert you to signs of refrigeration compressor problems before they turn into critical failures.

Daily Routines

Your refrigerators do not require much work on a daily basis, other than keeping things clean. You should make sure to wipe down shelves and pull out any empty boxes or old product on an ongoing basis. Keeping your refrigerator clean ensures that the fridge is able to operate normally and that liquids or spills don’t ruin the finish or block airflow. Likewise, culling the empty boxes ensures that your refrigerator is only cooling the things it needs to instead of being overworked. Make sure that when you wipe down surfaces you are not using harsh chemicals that can damage your refrigeration unit.


Defrosting your refrigeration unit is part of a healthy maintenance schedule as well. You should not do this process too often, but your manufacturer will tell you how often to defrost your unit. Once it is defrosted, you can inspect all parts inside and out for wear or corrosion. You should also use this time to inspect seals and lights to make sure that everything is in good shape before you turn the refrigerator back on. Leaving leaky seals will only wear down your unit faster by forcing it to work harder. In addition, you should double check all settings for your refrigeration units to ensure they are keeping things at the proper temperature, hence preventing your commercial compressor to work harder than need be.

Outside the Refrigerator

While the daily tasks are fairly obvious, there are also some behind the scenes tasks that need to be taken care of. Condenser coils should be inspected at least monthly for signs of buildup. In restaurants especially, grease and grime can build up on coils and make it impossible to cool efficiently. Commercial cleaners are available to solve this problem. Now is also the time to inspect and clean fan blades and make sure that everything is working properly. Fan blades that do not spin freely could be a sign of damage. You will want to have your fans repaired as soon as possible because they are responsible for moving the cold air throughout the refrigerator. If your fans are broken, you may find that your refrigerator is not evenly or consistently cool.

You should also be changing any water filters or other filtration devices every six months or sooner if they are subject to heavy use. Ice makers are often neglected and can cost thousands to repair even if you are taking good care of the rest of your refrigeration system. You should also take a look at your drain lines, make sure that nothing is clogged, and inspect any insulation around your unit to make sure that it is still complete.

These simple tasks are all it takes to keep your refrigeration unit happy and healthy. For some tasks like cleaning the condenser coils, hiring a professional is a good idea because they will be able to spot signs of damage and help you find a solution in no time. Otherwise, make sure that your team knows the importance of keeping the refrigerator clean and keeping things sealed to prevent undue wear and tear on the entire system including your commercial compressor. For more information, contact Compressors Unlimited today and speak to one of our compressor experts about how to protect your commercial refrigerators for life.


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