The Danfoss Compressor: Advantages of Inverter Scroll Technology

In recent years, the cooling loads in residential, commercial and public buildings have grown constantly due to a series of environmental and lifestyle changes. In response, compressor manufacturers have developed new technologies that can meet different cooling demands in a sustainable manner.

One such innovation is the inverter scroll compressor, also referred to as variable-speed compressor. In addition to ensuring the efficient full- and part-load operation of an air conditioner’s system, an inverter scroll compressor, such as the Danfoss compressor, provides superior system performance and improved comfort.

The Danfoss Compressor versus the Conventional Compressor

Conventional fixed-capacity compressors are designed to work at maximum capacity until the temperature reaches the pre-set value. Once the desired temperature has been reached, the compressor turns off, restarting only when the temperature increases again.

A compressor that turns on and off frequently will consume more energy than a compressor that operates continuously at variable speeds. That’s not only because a significant amount of power is used on start-up; the compressor and fans also need to run at faster speeds to achieve the pre-set temperature in a relatively short time frame. Additionally, a compressor that shuts off completely for a set amount of time can lead to significant temperature fluctuations and poor humidity control.  

Conversely, a Danfoss compressor equipped with the inverter technology runs constantly at different speeds, accurately adjusting the capacity of the air conditioner’s system to the building load. As the temperature approaches the pre-established value, the compressor slows down, continuing to operate at a low speed and consuming less energy than if it would cycle on and off repeatedly. A Danfoss compressor will typically use between 30% and 50% less power to operate compared to a conventional fixed-capacity compressor.

What’s more, an AC unit that operates continuously can distribute cool air more evenly and efficiently throughout the building. This eliminates hot spots and maximizes comfort levels.

The Advantages of Using Danfoss Compressors

Nowadays, Danfoss makes available the VZH compressor range, which is the second generation of inverter scroll compressors specifically designed for commercial air conditioning applications.

In addition to significant energy savings and precise temperature and humidity control, a Danfoss compressor cycling less often reduces the wear and tear on its components.

Moreover, the Danfoss compressor with the inverter technology uses a permanent magnet motor. Compared to other motors, this type of motor comes with some unique characteristics, including:
– a smoother torque output;
– superior speed control;
– uniform, efficient operation;
– lower probability of failure.
All these will result in higher efficiency under part-load conditions and further savings.

Danfoss compressors are also available in different cooling capacities and pressure ratios that match various system loads and applications. When the right Danfoss compressor is selected for an application, it facilitates precise and fast cooling, according to varying ambient conditions, occupancy and use.

The Danfoss compressor equipped with the inverter technology benefits from the proven quality standards of Danfoss innovative technologies. With more than 80 years of expertise and experience developing innovative products, Danfoss is recognized as a leader in reliability and quality—and this is one of the reasons why Compressors Unlimited continues to offer Danfoss compressors, replacement parts and accessories.  


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