Choosing the Right Copeland Refrigeration Compressors

Copeland compressors have a solid reputation for performance, efficiency, and reliability. When you’re buying a remanufactured compressor, there are several different models of Copeland refrigeration compressors to choose from including scroll or screw as well as reciprocating models. We at Compressors Unlimited stock a line of remanufactured reciprocating compressors that perform like new at a fraction of the cost of an OEM unit.

Replacing like for like units is critical for the efficiency and functioning of the system. An incorrectly sized compressor will result in poor cooling or chilling performance, but it can also result in energy inefficiency, costing much more to keep the space at the temperature required.

To help anyone in making the right choice in Copeland refrigeration compressors, we recommend following the Original Equipment Manufactures choice of compressor for that piece of equipment. This way we match the correct model number for form, fit and function.

The Job

You will find many Copeland refrigeration compressors out in field. Doing everything from low temp refrigeration to air conditioning. Supplying the correct compressor for your job is critical to ensuring that the unit works within spec’s and provides long lasting and reliable service.

Copeland refrigeration compressors have long been the go to compressor for refrigeration equipment manufacturers. With a wide range of models that cover a vast range of applications, service providers prefer to use these tough and hardy compressors for their customers.

The right tool for the right job is a tradesman motto and using the right Copeland refrigeration compressor for the correct job follows that tried and true method for getting it done right the first time. We at Compressors Unlimited believe in following the same process by providing the right Copeland refrigeration compressor for the correct equipment at the most economical price makes for a win for both us and our customers.


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