How to Know That a Carrier AC Compressor Is a Prodigious Purchase

Modern air conditioning is one of the most important inventions of the 20th century. No one is more responsible for that innovation than Willis Carrier, the founder of the eponymous Carrier brand. It started with his development of the first electrical AC in 1902. Later, he founded his business in Connecticut.

Naturally, it took some time for air conditioning as we know it to be widely used. Carrier was at the forefront of this industry and easily became the #1 brand in the world. Soon, others were eager to enter a new market of such great importance. Today, millions of Americans rely on Carrier products for their air conditioning needs.

Willis Carrier himself passed away in October of 1950, but the firm he started continues today. While many earlier HVAC companies have fallen by the wayside or have been purchased, Carrier’s legacy lives on with a record of more than $20 billion in net sales in 2022 and 100+ new products for eight consecutive years.

When you buy a Carrier commercial compressor today, you know you are getting an unbeatable legacy of HVAC innovation that, by definition, has lasted longer with Carrier than anywhere else. The prestige of a Carrier HVAC compressor is beyond compare, which is why Carrier now boasts 52,000 personnel and 75+ brands worldwide.

Carrier Compressors Are Built on the Right Core Values for Today’s Changing World

Ask the experts and just about anyone will be impressed by Carrier’s ability to push the envelope when it comes to compressor technology. Carrier’s dedication to excellence is based on its adherence to core values that make sense in a changing world where commercial compressors are held to higher standards than ever before.

Carrier core values include:


The biggest idea behind Carrier’s core values is respect – treating others the way you want to be treated. You can see this whenever you connect with the Carrier brand. If you ever have trouble with a Carrier vendor, you could always reach out to get assistance directly from the source and get back on track.


The cornerstones of Carrier integrity include honesty, accountability, and ethics. When you work with Carrier, it is clear you’re getting the best commercial compressors that money can buy. It’s crucial to choose a commercial compressor remanufacturing company that maintains the same level of quality.


Inclusion is central to Carrier as it has grown to become one of the world leaders in commercial compressor technology. Although it is based right here in the United States, you can also find it practically anywhere else on Earth. Inclusion is one of the engines behind Carrier’s longevity and leadership in the field.


Continuous improvement is the basic drive behind Carrier’s innovation. With more than a century of history, it has proven itself ready to adapt and reinvent its brand and offerings. Carrier has not forgotten the spirit that led to that critical first development in air conditioning. You can continue to see it at work every day.


Carrier constantly pushes the envelope and goes further than what might be considered necessary. Companies are working hard to improve their energy efficiency and reduce emissions, but Carrier is consistently near or at the head of the pack. They don’t wait for outside circumstances, like regulations, to force them to act.

In the past, Carrier’s brand has also been associated with values like performance, responsibility, customer care, employee development, and quality. Times change, but we can still see how these pillars translate into superior results for customers. The best way to improve value further is with a remanufactured commercial compressor.

Carrier Compressors Offer You the Highest Environmental Standards

These days, environmental excellence is one of the areas all compressor manufacturers are competing in. At the same time, we at Compressors Unlimited know that care for the environment is one of the key factors many of our customers are looking for. That’s one more reason why Carrier is a good match for buyers like you.

Environmentally friendly products are no longer “nice to have.” For many buyers, they are an absolute must. When you ask us for advice on your compressor needs, you can rest assured we always strive to find a solution that delivers the performance and efficiency you want. Many times, that means a Carrier product.

When you are looking for a Carrier commercial compressor at a competitive price, always consider looking at a remanufactured commercial compressor first. By using your existing commercial compressor core, we can cut thousands of miles off your supply chain and create even more positive results for the environment.

Even if you don’t have a suitable compressor core, Compressors Unlimited has access to everything you need. This helps you cut weeks off procurement time and save 10%, 20%, 30%, or more.


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