Comparing Trane Compressors: Which is Best For You

Trane is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of compressors and compressor parts. Their legacy stretches back over many decades and encompasses a wide range of products and innovations. They are best known for building dependable HVAC systems for residential and commercial applications. So how do you know exactly which Trane compressor is best for you and your needs?

Compressor Size

Before you begin shopping for a compressor, you first need to be sure that you are looking at the correct scale. Trane has both residential and commercial products available. Smaller 230V compressors are available in a range of different outputs for small-scale applications, while 460V compressors are designed for high-demand scenarios. You can also identify the correct compressor for your needs by how many tons it is capable of handling. Your options range from small 1.8-3.5 ton compressors all the way up to 10 tons and beyond. Ultimately, the size of the compressor you need is decided by the space that you are in and the demands of the environment. While it may seem worthwhile to buy a larger compressor than you actually need because it will get the job done faster, the truth is that most compressors are only effective within a certain operating range. An oversized compressor may run very inefficiently if it is tasked with too little to do. It is best to consult an expert when it comes to selecting the proper compressor size to be sure that you are making the most of the equipment’s engineered performance. As you can see, size plays a major role in remanufactured compressor energy efficiency.

Types of Compressors

In addition to the wide range of compressor sizes available, Trane also has three different compressor types available. The simplest compressors are traditional single-stage machines that cut on and off as directed by the thermostat. When they are off, they are not keeping your building cool, and when they are on, they are working at 100% the entire time. This is the most basic compressor type, but also the most affordable.

In the mid-range is the dual stage compressor. These compressors have a low speed and a high speed. The compressor stays on more of the time but works at a more consistent low speed the majority of the time. The compressor kicks into high speed when necessary. This helps conserve energy throughout the day and comes at a price tag close to that of a single stage compressor.

Finally, multi-stage compressors are the most advanced options. With a multi-stage compressor, the system is able to adjust up and down fluidly as needed to find the most effective cooling rate. This keeps the temperature within the space more stable and offers significant money savings year after year. Of course, this advanced technology does come with a higher upfront cost that may be out of range for some.

No matter which compressor you choose, you can be sure that you are getting a great value with Trane. Trane has spent many years developing some of the best compressor technology in the world, and they continue to make advancements with each new release. You can find the perfect compressor by size, stages and budget. You can also explore different styles of compressors such as scroll type compressors and piston compressors that use different methodologies to physically force the air together. Before you buy, you should always consult with an HVAC expert to help you determine the proper size and style for your needs. Then you can compare different efficiency models side by side to see which model is the best value for your money. Contact Compressors Unlimited for more information about Trane and their compressors today.


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