How Danfoss Compressors have Impacted Modern Refrigeration

Danfoss Compressors has been a leading innovator when it comes to modern refrigeration technologies. They have played a major role in updating the performance expectations of any industrial or commercial refrigeration system, and have even had a hand in upgrading transport refrigeration as well. We’ll take a look at how and why Danfoss Compressors is leading the way with all this new technology.

Danfoss is Looking to the Future

Danfoss has been a big proponent of moving toward safer refrigerants over the years. Of course, to make this happen, they had to build systems that were able to handle the differing effects of non-R22 refrigerants. They were among the first to introduce equipment for R404A, but have continued to develop new systems that are able to use even lower impact refrigerants that are safer for the environment. As such, they have pushed their customers in the direction of safer products as well. Most notably, their compressors are largely designed for drop-in retrofitting of existing systems, so commercial and industrial users can appreciate the simplicity of transitioning to a newer system without having to do a major overhaul. As Danfoss’s primary mission, they have done an exemplary job of providing the world with the technology it needs to meet the challenge of harmful refrigerants head on.

How Their Systems are Making a Difference

For industrial and commercial customers, the biggest impact of Danfoss’s new technology may be in the form of cost savings. Since the price of R22 has skyrocketed, businesses of all types have been eager to make a change. Early adopters of the new technology were likely to jump on the bandwagon with R404A, which is a safer alternative and performs roughly the same as R22 in terms of pressurization and lubrication. This was a relatively easy change to make up front. However, even after the adoption of R404A became mainstream, Danfoss recognized that there were even greater possibilities at hand. Further adaptations made to their existing systems proved that a wider range of refrigerants could be used, in particular, those with a lower GWP than R404A. This revelation meant that Danfoss could serve the community with compressors in a greater variety of applications, including transport, supermarkets and more. They are continuing to push for low-GWP systems that utilize the same lubricants and oils as R404A, and currently, they have developed a range of compatible compressors, valves and other products that seamlessly convert old systems to this new lofty standard. These products are not only more cost-friendly because of the refrigerant itself, they are also more efficient to operate, and they require far less maintenance than old R-22 systems. The result is that commercial and industrial operators can count on Danfoss compressors to help them increase profits and minimize costs at every turn.

What’s Next?

Danfoss is currently running a large initiative to push commercial users toward these new R404A derivatives, but they certainly won’t stop there. They have issued simple instructions for retrofitting systems so that operators can easily gauge the benefits and simplicity of making the switch. In addition, Danfoss is conducting further research into lubrication options and refrigerant mixes that may be even more reliable than the current R404A spinoffs. Thus far, they have done a great job of ensuring that customers could easily adopt new technologies while sparing the expense of major renovations, and we expect that the next generation of Danfoss Compressors will be made along these same lines.

For anyone who relies upon commercial refrigeration, Danfoss is one of the most trusted names in the industry, and with good reason. Their focus on the next generation of great technology is what has made their compressors so important in shifting away from R22 and toward something far better. Lucky for you, Compressors Unlimited carries Danfoss remanufactured refrigeration compressors.


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