Why the York DXS 45 Compressor is a Great Design

When you want to ensure excellent service from your commercial compressors for many years to come, there are lots of factors to be aware of. Taking the step to introduce a screw compressor is a great move thanks to its higher efficiency, fewer moving parts, and legendary ease of maintenance.

Even though screw compressors all share certain advantages, it doesn’t mean they are all created equal. Some screw compressors outperform others. Because we’ve spent thousands of hours working on today’s most popular compressors, we’ve noticed some distinct differences.

Of all the screw compressors out there today, the York DXS 45 is among the best of the best.

Exceed Your Expectations with a Quality York DXS Screw Compressor

A screw compressor pressurizes refrigerant gas through the work of two closely mated rotors. Because the rotors are not in direct contact, they do not suffer from mechanical wear and tear in ordinary use. The tighter the tolerances between them, the more effective and efficient they can be.

With fewer moving parts comes superior output deep into service life. While virtually all commercial compressors will last about eight to ten years with appropriate maintenance, York screw compressors are far more likely to maintain their high level of performance in the second half of its life.

York is one of the oldest compressor companies in the world and offers nearly 150 years of expertise. Its designs are proven to make the most of the latest engineering know-how. Your York DXS 45 continues a legacy that you can rely on, no matter if you have a demanding commercial or industrial environment.

With a screw compressor, you don’t need to concern yourself with intensive field replacements of any components. There are only a few standard parts you may need to replace at times, and this is rare. All in all, that means it’s easier to keep track of spare parts and to document any issues.

What We’ve Discovered from Remanufactured York Compressors

The remanufacturing process allows our team to log an intensive amount of hands-on time with today’s most frequently requested commercial compressors. In that time, we’ve noticed a distinct difference between the York DXS 45 and comparable screw compressors.

Even in a head-to-head matchup with other York screw compressors, such as the York MTS, we note that the York DXS compressor cores are some of the most robust and well-built around. York DXS cores, including those used in the York DXS 45, last longer and perform better.

This is an essential difference because the compressor core is what matters most when you are getting a remanufactured compressor. All of the remanufacturing work revolves around the core. It needs to be opened, cleaned inside and out, fully inspected, and have any components that no longer meet or exceed tolerences replaced.

Pound for pound, there are fewer damaged components when we open up a York DXS compressor. Even the York MTS, which is well known for quality in its own right, doesn’t quite reach that level of reliability.

Get the Job Done Faster and Easier with a York DXS 45 Compressor

Older compressors continue to perform over time, but they may draw more power and make heavier demands on the rest of your building systems. That can cause the cost of ownership to rise sharply – especially during peak usage of your compressor system in the summer.

The York DXS 45 compressor helps you go forward with confidence knowing you can expect excellence throughout the compressor’s entire service. And when it’s finally time to replace your unit, you have a perfect option in the form of compressor remanufacturing.

A remanufactured commercial compressor is your best bet when it comes to getting your replacement out to your workplace in a more affordable fashion.  

Because there’s no need to fabricate an additional compressor core, a remanufacturer can offer you deep discounts of 10%, 20%, 30% or even more. Remember, the York DXS core is usually in great condition, and this will save you money. You never have to worry about getting the runaround – you send your existing York DXS compressor core to us, and the work begins right away.

With the York DXS 45, you have the added bonus of a faster, more streamlined process. At every turn, your remanufacturing team will test to ensure that by the time your equipment returns to you, you’ll have documented evidence that it meets all applicable performance and environmental standards.

The York DXS 45 compressor is a terrific investment when you want a unit that lives up to the full potential of screw compressor technology. Combine that with the power of remanufacturing, and everything becomes much easier for your budget, maintenance plan, and strategy.

When all is said and done, York is one of the best compressor companies, and York DXS 45 is a winner.


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