Why Maintenance Crews Love the Trane CHHP Compressor

One of the biggest factors in the overall well-being of a compressor is how easy it is to service and diagnose. Even with a screw compressor, which isn’t known for field repairs, there’s still a serious difference in how a compressor’s design influences routine maintenance.

No matter what type of Trane compressor you choose, you can rest assured that it’s been designed from the ground up to make life easier for maintenance crews. That’s especially noticeable within the brand’s line of screw compressors, and the Trane CHHP compressor stands out among the best.

The Trane CHHP compressor isn’t just another simple iteration on the idea of a screw compressor.

Instead, some fundamental changes have been made that simplify the process of maintaining the compressor and keeping it efficient. This helps ensure that even as your compressor ages, you’ll continue to benefit from the highest standards of performance.

Let’s look at some of the ways the Trane CHHP compressor design is superior:

Oil Control Valve and Oil Filter

The oil control valve regulates the flow of oil through the compressor, while the oil filter is crucial to removing contaminants from liquid oil as it circulates through the unit. Dirt, rust, and other course contaminants are the main focus of the oil filter.

We all know how inconvenient it is to have to completely drain the oil out of a major equipment piece and replace it. In the case of a compressor, this can lead to hours of downtime – affecting your whole HVAC or refrigeration system. Luckily, Trane has your back when it comes to oil and lubrication.

The Trane CHHP oil control valve is one of the most efficient on the market and is known for predictable performance. It maintains its excellence under partial load and even extreme temperatures. You’ll never need to worry about oil flowing when, where, or how it shouldn’t.

With multiple major improvements in the materials and configuration of the oil filter, it’s more powerful than ever and will keep you running strong for longer periods of time. It’s a big part of how Trane CHHP has advanced to ensure superior performance even deep into the unit’s service life.

Loading and Unloading Valves

“Built for easy access” isn’t something you usually hear said about compressors. The average industrial compressor or commercial compressor is enormous. Even when you have a reciprocating compressor with a smaller footprint, it’s generally no picnic to try moving it.

With that in mind, compressors usually stay put – and wherever they are in the layout of your facility, that’s what maintenance crews need to deal with going forward. Of all the elements of a compressor, the position of the loading and unloading valves is one of the top factors in serviceability.

Trane heard the advice from thousands of compressor maintenance professionals around the country and incorporated it into the Trane CHHP screw compressor. You’ll never have to bend, twist, duck, or crawl to get to the loading and unloading valves: They’re right there on the front of the compressor.

A commercial compressor usually lasts for 8-10 years, and within that time you’ll do plenty of work on it, even when field replacements are rare. Each week, month, quarter, and year brings new tasks. With the convenience of loading and unloading valves on the front of the compressor, you can save a lot of work, time and money.

Maintenance Keeps Your Trane CHHP Going, But Make Plans for a Replacement, Too

Maintenance crews cheer for the Trane CHHP. Not only does it make their job easier, but it helps to ensure your hardware will run longer and serve better throughout its lifespan. You can expect your Trane compressor to operate much more reliably with regular maintenance.

Sooner or later, though, it’s vital to make plans for a replacement.

Replacement is easier than ever when you decide on a remanufactured Trane commercial compressor. Compressor remanufacturing is changing the industry by making it easier, faster, and cheaper to manage your entire compressor fleet.

Instead of relying on an OEM-affiliated wholesaler, who in turn is at the whim of OEM output, you could get a remanufactured compressor by returning your existing compressor core to a trusted remanufacturing team. The core undergoes a complete engineering process to prepare it for another decade of work.

A compressor unit is cleaned inside and out, then inspected thoroughly for defects. Any components that don’t deliver the highest quality of service are replaced. Tests are conducted at every step of the process so nothing is overlooked. All compressor functions are verified.

In the end, you get a unit that meets all your performance and environmental commitments.

The Trane CHHP is one of the most dependable and robust compressors on the market. Choosing a remanufactured Trane compressor helps you get even more value at a fraction of the cost.


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