Why the York DXS 36 is a Trusted HVAC Compressor

Your HVAC’s compressor is the single most important component in the entire system. The compressor makes the refrigerant gas available to the rest of the HVAC’s processes. The compressor works harder if the other components in the system aren’t performing at total efficiency, but the opposite isn’t true.

Nothing can compensate for a failed compressor – the whole system comes to a stop!

Because the compressor is so complex and crucial to commercial HVAC operations, it is also the most expensive part of the system. When you buy a commercial HVAC compressor, you want to be sure you’re using a brand you can trust. And when it’s time to replace a compressor, it’s essential to use the same make and model you have.

Over the years, many different companies have designed compressors, but some truly stand out, like the York DXS model. Among compressor manufacturers here in the United States, York International is arguably one of the most influential. York has been around since 1874 and was initially founded in York, Pennsylvania.

In 2005, York was sold to Johnson Controls for an astonishing $3.2 billion.

The sale led many long-time fans of the brand to wonder if it would maintain the same commitment to quality, reliability, and low environmental impact. Luckily, York has continued to exceed expectations.

Once known mainly for two- and three-stage centrifugal compressors (then called turbo compressors), York has continued to grow and expand its offerings while maintaining support for the legacy designs still in wide use throughout the United States and the world.

Among the most sought-after York compressors is the York DXS 36.

The DXS 36 Proves York Is a Winner in the Screw Compressor Category

York’s centrifugal compressors originally hit the market in 1940 and were among the first of their kind. But many of the compressors sold today are screw compressors. Not content to rest on its laurels, York has introduced some amazing screw compressors over the years, including the DXS 36 design.

The York DXS 36 screw compressor takes the engineering advantages of a screw compressor to the next level. It’s everything you expect from a company that has had nearly 150 years to hone its methodology.

Some advantages of the York DXS 36 screw compressor include:

1. Reliable Operation, Lower Number of Moving Parts

In any complex mechanical system, a lower number of moving parts means fewer points of failure and fewer component replacements over the unit’s lifetime. While a reciprocating compressor has many moving parts, movement in the York DXS 36 is limited to the paired helical screws.

As with all of the compressors we remanufacture, the York DXS 36 is technically considered to be a semi-hermetic screw compressor meaning a qualified technician can open the compressor and make a few minor repairs in the field.  This helps control the risk of contamination, flooding, slugging, and more.

2. Lower Operating Temperature and Enhanced Cooling

The York DXS 36 screw compressor has a lower average operating temperature than comparable reciprocating compressors and even some screw compressors by competing brands. All in all, an operating temperature on the low end is associated with the extended life of HVAC components.

York has gone a step further by integrating enhanced internal cooling capabilities within the York DXS 36 compressor and similar models. The unit is more likely to sustain its cooler temperature even in a period of peak usage. It is also easier to keep York DXS 36 components adequately lubricated.

3. Greater Efficiency

All of the features above lead to greater mechanical efficiency for the York DXS 36 screw compressor. Of course, you should always have the right compressor spare parts to make minor repairs. Overall, though, you’ll need to make fewer replacements with this premier York compressor.

The average commercial compressor operates for about eight to ten years. Although compressors are very reliable, their performance can drop off in the second half of life. With the York DXS 36, you can rest assured your compressor is more likely to remain highly efficient throughout its lifespan.

4. Reduced Energy Usage and Environmental Impact

In today’s world, every compressor brand is doing its part to reduce its impact on the environment. You often have ecological commitments you need to meet, as well. A York DXS 36 screw compressor makes it a little bit easier to do right by Mother Nature without compromising on quality.

Lower energy usage is critical in the fight against carbon emissions. Still, it also has a vital practical effect: Less money spent on heating and cooling, more time at target temperatures, and fewer overall cycles.

What’s the best way to get even greater value from your York compressor? Consider getting your York DXS 36 as a remanufactured commercial compressor. A remanufactured compressor uses an existing compressor core, so you get excellent performance and 8-10 year lifespan at a fraction of the cost. At Compressors Unlimited, we often receive York DXS 36 model exchange cores, and they are often still in good condition overall.  


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