Why the Copeland Commercial Compressor 3D Series is Preferred by Meat Processing Plants

Meat Processing Plant RefrigerationA meat processing plant may see thousands of pounds of product pass through its halls every day. Hundreds of employees are responsible for inspecting, cutting, re-inspecting, packaging, and then inspecting meat again.

From start to finish, meat can be deemed unsafe to sell for a variety of reasons. Accidental rough handling can cause bruising or discoloration, for example. But no single issue is more treacherous than problems with refrigeration. A brief industrial compressor failure can prove disastrous, costing thousands of dollars.

Beef hung in a cooler should be kept between 34°F and 38°F, never reaching 40°F. It may take only a few minutes at inappropriate temperatures to enable the proliferation of bacteria. While they are not necessarily as delicate, chicken and pork have their own standards. Seafood can be even more prone to spoilage than its counterparts.

All of these demands are not limited to low-traffic meat storage areas. Dozens of workers may be in close proximity through every step of meat processing which increases heat by their mere presence. Cooling systems of all types must be prepared not just for vast square footage, but high occupancy as well as exterior heat.

Research has shown that refrigeration is one of the top three drivers of energy use in a meat processing plant.

Yet, when you look at all of the requirements a plant must meet, it may seem a wonder that delivering such consistent, high quality refrigeration is even possible. Facility leaders are always on the lookout to optimize their refrigeration systems. Once the quality is certain, efficiency becomes the way to save large amounts of money.

For the right combination of output and energy efficiency, meat processing plants look to Copeland 3D industrial compressors.

The Copeland 3D Commercial Compressor Series Gets Rave Reviews from Meat Processing Plants

Copeland 3D industrial compressors, are among the most successful products in the history of refrigeration engineering. A U.S.-based brand with a strong reputation for success in diverse agricultural applications, Copeland has created a winner for the most intensive refrigeration demands of American meat processing plants.

Here are some of the reasons the Copeland 3D series stands out:

1. Superior Longevity Through Maintenance

An industrial compressor should last 8-10 years with proper maintenance. However, efficiency tends to decline in the latter half of service life. Engineering excellence makes it easy to maintain and repair your Copeland 3D industrial compressor, enabling a longer life with fewer performance issues down the road.

2. Ideal for Optimizing Meat Plant Layouts

Copeland 3D compressors provide flexibility and utility to the end-user, enabling meat processing plants to optimize their floor layouts with ease. You will find them in a range of weights and footprints so you can match your compressors precisely to the operating environment.

3. Greater Savings with Energy Efficiency

Copeland has made a true commitment to energy efficiency in all of its recent compressor products. Where some brands are content with a 2% to 3% improvement in efficiency, a Copeland can deliver 10% or even more against many comparable competitor models. That’s a significant saving in any energy-intensive workplace.

Emerson CoreSense Proactive Performance Monitoring Makes Copeland Better for Meat Processing Plants

One of the biggest innovations in Copeland compressor design is the introduction of CoreSense technology from parent company Emerson. CoreSense is ideal for meat processing plants because it shifts maintenance from reactive to proactive, making it less likely that your compressor unit will fail unexpectedly.

CoreSense gathers performance information from the compressor during operation to automatically guard against dangerous exceptions and enable fast, accurate diagnosis. It facilitates oil and motor protection and allows technicians to see warnings, trips, and lockouts at a glance on the convenient LED display.

At a time when many meat processing plants are implementing building management systems and embracing the Internet of Things, Emerson CoreSense delivers a seamless experience compatible with the Copeland 3D compressor series. Copeland 4D and Copeland 5D compressors can also be upgraded with it.

Remanufactured Commercial Compressors Are Essential for Meat Processing Plants

Few other businesses in the world are as reliant on reliable refrigeration compressors as meat processing. A large plant may have dozen or even hundreds of industrial compressors working at once. To avoid a failure cascade, many plants hold replacement compressor units in reserve, ready to be installed at a moment’s notice.

A remanufactured industrial compressor delivers the performance of an all-new Copeland 3D compressor at a fraction of the cost. Remanufacturing is based on a rigorous engineering process that includes disassembly, replacement of key components, and testing.

This equips meat processing plants to keep compressors on standby or to rapidly replace failed compressors. A remanufactured compressor can be shipped in a matter of days or weeks compared to months for an OEM-affiliated wholesaler.

When it comes to refrigeration excellence, meat packing plants trust the Copeland 3D industrial compressor. And when they want the greatest value, they look to remanufacturing experts at Compressors Unlimited.


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