Remanufactured Compressors for the Dairy Farm

Dairy Refrigeration Compressors

A modern commercial-grade cooling system is a significant investment for a dairy farm. Some of the system’s components consume a lot of energy and can be expensive to replace when broken. With that said, an interruption in the operations of a dairy’s cold room can lead to significant losses.

It’s upon the cold room engineering team to find innovative solutions that can deliver balanced performance/reliability to consumption ratio.

The industrial compressor is one of the critical components in a dairy’s cold room. These units do the heavy tasks of temperature regulation. Compressor units by well-known brands like York, Trane, Hitachi, Frascold, Danfoss, Copeland, Carrier/Carlyle, and Bitzer are made to last. However, like any other equipment with moving parts, they can break.

Remanufactured compressors are often a cost-effective method of repairing a malfunctioning unit.

Compressor Applications in Dairy Farm Cold Rooms

The most common types of compressors used in dairy farms are reciprocating and scroll compressors. These units compress the refrigerant gas to aid the instant cooling of fresh milk for storage.

Some dairies also use the compressor to suction milk in setups where the milking machine depends on the compressor.

Generally, reciprocating and scroll compressors are designed for cooling rooms.

Why Dairy Farms Should Use Compressors for Cold Rooms

i) Energy efficiency

Compressors provide better performance to energy consumption ratio when compared to other cooing solutions.

ii) Noise

Compressor units can operate with minimum mechanical vibration-noise, thanks to their compact design, mode of operation, and rigid mounting system.

iii) Maintenance costs

Industrial compressors are built to last. The only maintenance overheads to expect is the cost of charging the refrigerant and occasional replacement of parts. Due to their design, compressors can be remanufactured after a major failure and put back to operation.

iv) Scalable cooling solution

You can install a pair or more compressor units to operate together if the size of dairy’s cold room calls for a more significant cooling solution after expansion.

v) Variety of units for every dairy

Regardless of the size of your dairy farm, there is an industrial compressor that will fit it. From light commercial compressors with less than 10 HP to larger scale compressors with over 150 HP ratings.

vi) Ease of Installation

Replacing a compressor that has malfunctioned with remanufactured compressor normally does not require intricate piping and mounting systems. A trained professional can install a unit in no time. Some of the mounting gear needed, such as mounting springs, may even come with the compressor. Routine maintenance of the units is also quite straight forward. The systems come with directions on the type of refrigerant to use and the recommended refill volumes.

vii) Compact design

Even large commercial compressors can be surprisingly small in terms of size. This allows for space optimization and savings on the dairy floor as well as ease of transportation.

viii) Intelligent operation modes for energy savings

Modern compressor units use variable speed technology to increase cooling efficiency in the dairy. The compressors can vary their rotational speed based on the cooling workloads. For instance, some compressors have a variable cooling range of 1000 rpm to 4500 rpm.

ix) Few components

The industrial compressors might be doing some heavy lifting. However, their interior design is surprisingly simple, with few moving components. Moreover, the major parts can be swapped when they show signs of wear and tear.

Why Buy Remanufactured Compressors for The Dairy Farm?

Why should you replace a malfunctioning compressor with a remanufactured one instead of buying a new unit? First off, it’s all about cost. You’ll get a unit that operates as new but at a fraction of the cost of a compressor from the OEM. Secondly, remanufactured compressors do come with a warranty. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about unreliability.

Finally, the serviceable parts of a compressor can be replaced, thus extending the unit’s lifespan. The only parts that experience wear and tear are the major compression components. Otherwise, most industrial compressors have a rigid design that can last for decades in any environment.

Here are other reasons for buying remanufactured compressors for your dairy farm.

i) Low initial cost

New compressors can be quite expensive. Whether your facility has a large budget or a tight one, buying a remanufactured compressor may be the ideal choice.  The remanufactured compressor will still meet or possibly exceed the same performance and reliability as one purchased from the OEM.

ii) Access to immediate assistance

Big OEMs do not provide immediate client-side assistance in terms of maintenance and installation. A remanufacturing company on the other and has more time with their clients owing to their market size and experience working with clients specifically on compressor issues.  

Are you looking for a commercial compressor for your dairy farm? Compressors Unlimited offers remanufactured compressors from top brands such as Carrier/Carlyle, Copeland, Trane and York as well as authorized re-sales of Danfoss, Hitachi, Frascold and Bitzer. Get in touch with us for a quote today.



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