Food Processors and Dairy Facilities Trust Copeland 4D series

Food Processing IndustryWhen it comes to meeting strict refrigeration needs, dairy and food processing facilities know a thing or two.

Fresh milk is both incredibly common in the American diet and one of the most perishable products around. To stay safe, milk must be received at 45°F or lower and chilled to 41°F or lower. Every hour of every day, many thousands of gallons of milk depend on the work of industrial refrigeration compressors.

It only takes a brief compressor malfunction – not much more than a few minutes – to destroy gallons of product.

The story is little different when milk becomes cheese. The aging process for cheese can take anywhere from a few days to years. From start to finish, the ripening climate is carefully controlled. Specialized compressors must be used that not only deliver the required temperatures but help in controlling humidity.

When the agriculture supply chain calls for nothing short of perfection, facility leaders choose Copeland.

Copeland 4D Series Commercial Compressors Continue the Tradition of Excellence

Copeland is one of the most successful U.S.-based compressor brands out there. An innovator that balances quality and reliability, it is trusted the world over. Copeland commercial compressors are some of the most popular for agriculture, in large part because they are easy to maintain and can last longer than the competition.

The Copeland 4D Series compressors continue to build on that trust in promising and exciting ways.

First and foremost, the Copeland 4D compressor represents an amazing step forward in energy efficiency. This is not just good for the environment but great for large refrigerated facilities that rely on dozens or even hundreds of compressors. A noticeable savings in energy draw per compressor could add up to millions.

Brands like Carrier and Bitzer are also working harder on efficiency, so it would be impressive if Copeland could deliver a 2% or 3% improvement on their nearest rival. Instead, they have gone far beyond those expectations.

Copeland touts its latest compressors as the most efficient available, delivering up to 12.2% higher efficiency.

Combined with the durability created by quality components and forward-looking engineering, Copeland 4D compressors have remarkably low costs for their size and output. Not only are they less expensive to operate in the long term, but they often last years longer than the average compressor.

That industry-leading longevity is further enhanced by Copeland 4D CoreSense.

Copeland 4D Compressors Integrate New Technology for Better Maintenance

Copeland 4D compressors aren’t just an incremental upgrade: They take Copeland’s value in new directions. Both the Copeland 4D Series and its Copeland 6D counterpart build on the fundamentals using proprietary new CoreSense technology. CoreSense makes your next compressor an upgrade in every way.

Emerson CoreSense-compatible compressors use specialized sensors to capture performance information from the compressor without having to shut it down or run separate diagnostics. This enables seamless compressor monitoring, including nimble emergency repairs and replacements – ideal for food processing plants.

CoreSense delivers advanced motor protection and provides insights that can help you keep a compressor running longer. The software stores the entire past fault history of the system and uses LED indicators to make it easier to diagnose any emerging issues. Some of the key maintenance features include:

  • Motor overheat protection

  • Insufficient oil pressure protection

  • High discharge temperature protection

  • Locked rotor protection

  • Missing phase protection

  • Voltage imbalance protection

  • Low voltage protection

  • Granular crankcase heating control

  • Alarm history and operating conditions

Needless to say, all this data is very impressive. It can serve to make your maintenance program more proactive, helping you stop problems before they worsen. This dovetails with the overall strategy of dairy facilities, which have long been on board with building management tools and are now embracing the Internet of Things.

But don’t worry about ending up using a confusing and invasive app to manage your compressor settings. With CoreSense, Copeland 4D compressor maintenance is more straightforward than ever. If you’ve ever found yourself scratching your head at a compressor problem and wishing the unit could tell you what’s wrong, this is the next best thing. And the ability to diagnose and resolve issues faster makes a big difference.

Get Exceptional Quality and Even More Savings by Buying a Remanufactured Copeland 4D Compressor

New technology can be expensive, but a remanufactured commercial compressor is the way to save money without sacrificing quality. A fully remanufactured compressor delivers the performance of an all-new model through a comprehensive protocol of disassembly, inspection, component replacement, and testing.

As more dairy facilities and food processing plants upgrade to the Copeland 4D series, remanufacturing is an excellent option for your budget. In addition to savings of 20% or more, they can cut weeks off the time it takes to source your new equipment. That adds up to less downtime and the best of both worlds in quality and affordability.


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