Why the Carrier Paragon 05T Compressor is used for Commercial Refrigeration

Paragon Carrier Compressors for Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial refrigeration presents one of the most demanding challenges for your building systems. Your commercial refrigeration system must meet high standards 24 hours a day, seven days a week. An outage lasting a few minutes can imperil thousands or even millions of dollars of stock for many businesses.

While stores, restaurants, and hospitality properties are best known for their commercial refrigeration, they are not the only ones who rely on it. Commercial refrigeration is key to many links in the supply chain. Medication can spoil without it, and various other products lose their freshness or become unusable.

Even some industrial processes require reliable commercial refrigeration around the clock.

With that in mind, it’s no surprise that companies, big and small, look for the most reliable compressors for their refrigeration systems. The long history of the Carrier brand helps this company stand out when it really counts – but Carrier isn’t simply resting on its laurels. It is one of today’s leading innovators.

That’s certainly visible regarding the Carrier Paragon 05T for commercial refrigeration.

The Carrier Paragon 05T Is a True Contender for Best Commercial Refrigeration Compressor

Reliability is the foremost concern affecting all planning around commercial refrigeration systems. The Carrier Paragon 05T combines reliability with efficiency and power. Not only is it one of the best commercial refrigeration compressors, it is also easy to maintain and use.

The Carrier 05T is a twin-screw open-drive compressor that delivers a wide variety of great advantages, incorporating decades of engineering know-how and plenty of feedback from discerning customers.

Let’s take a closer look at some of its defining features:

1. No Suction or Discharge Reed Valves

Without suction and discharge reed valves, your compressor is defended against one of the most serious and common issues that can cause the system to fail before its time: Liquid flood-back and catastrophic slugging that can result. With the Carrier 05T, the liquid will never return to the suction side during compressor operation.

2. Reduced Number of Moving Parts

Compared to a reciprocating compressor, the Carrier 05T’s twin-screw configuration means fewer parts and less mechanical wear and tear. This has a wide variety of additional implications for the design. It’s highly compact and operates much more quietly than a comparable reciprocating compressor.

3. Excellent Operational Efficiency

The 05T’s motor enjoys cooling from a built-in economizer, improving the operational efficiency at a range of temperatures. All in all, users of the 05T report lower cost of ownership and fewer maintenance issues (when regular maintenance practices are followed.)

4. Wide Selection of Compatible Refrigerants and Oil

When your compressor is compatible with a full spectrum of refrigerants and oils, you can make the most of your stock and will never be left short, even as environmental standards change. Plus, the low-clearance screw design helps ensure lower rates of oil circulation.

The 05T also has several other features that could interest buyers who want to optimize a commercial refrigeration system. Its precision long-life bearings and integrated o-ring seals improve its longevity. It has a high degree of capacity control and is ideal for variable-speed applications.

We strongly recommend contacting a commercial compressor remanufacturing team to get up-to-date information about Carrier commercial compressors. Remanufacturers who frequently work with your desired compressor make and model can give you inside insights on getting superior performance.

A Remanufactured Carrier 05T Compressor Brings the Value to the Next Level

When you want to push the value of a Carrier refrigeration compressor even further, consider remanufacturing. A remanufactured commercial compressor can be delivered weeks sooner than one you source from an OEM-affiliated wholesaler. At the same time, you may pay 10%, 20%, or even 30% less.

Remanufacturing is a sophisticated engineering process. It begins by opening the compressor and cleaning it inside and out. All necessary replacements are made. Components like o-rings that are prone to deformation when they get too old are replaced 100% of the time.

After this phase, the compressor’s functions are tested one by one. This includes the most effective leak testing: The compressor is completely submerged in liquid. Each test can reveal additional changes to make. Finally, the compressor is tested under load by simulating real operating conditions.

The ultimate goal of compressor remanufacturing is to ensure you get a unit that meets or exceeds all of the performance and efficiency benchmarks it reached when it first entered service. A fully remanufactured unit returns to operation with another eight to ten years of excellent performance ahead of it.

A remanufactured Carrier 05T gives you an even more cost-effective solution to your refrigeration needs. You can even use your existing Carrier 05T compressor core as the basis of your remanufactured equipment.


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