What to Consider Before Buying Trane Remanufactured Compressors

At Compressors Unlimited, we specialize in remanufactured compressors for the most popular brands as well as those for specialized markets. We only work on compressors for industrial and commercial use, and we offer an extensive inventory of Trane remanufactured compressors that are available for immediate shipping to our customers across the United States and Canada.

With our specialization, we have highly experienced technicians completing all of our remanufacturing services. To help our clients to understand the process and what we do, we provide a full list of the steps we take from breaking down the compressor through to part replacement as well as final testing.

If you are going to purchase any Trane remanufactured compressors, there are some verifications you should make on the company doing the remanufacturing process. This information may be found on their company website,, or you may need to call and confirm. You may notice that these are all standard features in the Compressors Unlimited buying process.

Is there a warranty?

A Compressors Unlimited International we provide a 12-month limited warranty on all of our Trane remanufactured compressors as well as with all other makes and models.
This assures you that all the parts we use, including any recycled parts, are fully backed by our warranty. The warranty gives our customers peace of mind and assurance as to the quality of compressor they will receive.

Remanufactured or Rebuilt?

There is a difference between remanufactured and rebuilt. A remanufactured compressor is fully taken apart and qualified back to OEM standards. This includes replacing all seals, gaskets, rings, bearings, and valves ever time. The remaining running gear are checked to be within spec’s, if not, they are replaced. A rebuilt compressor just replaces parts that are defective. It doesn’t do all the detailed work and the full cleaning and testing of the system.

Shipping Time?

We understand you need your compressor quickly, so we have worked closely with carriers to create the fastest possible shipping and delivery times. We are located in Dallas, Texas and can ship to most of the states to the east and north in one or two days, with shipping as far north as Ontario, Canada in three days. Far western and northern states and other Canadian provinces are typically four or five-day shipping.

Just give us a call if you have any questions. We can work with you to find the right replacement compressor and get it delivered as quickly as possible.


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