What to Consider Before Choosing Remanufactured Bitzer Compressors

A remanufactured Bitzer compressor delivers the same level of performance and efficiency as a factory-new compressor, at a significantly lower price. Additionally, it provides a more eco-friendly alternative to renewing refrigeration and air conditioning equipment compared to rebuilt compressors.

However, not all remanufactured Bitzer compressors are created equal. Before you invest in a remanufactured unit, you need to know that Bitzer compressors are available in different configurations, sizes, and capacities.

One way to purchase the right compressor for your refrigeration or HVAC system is to consider the following factors.

The Model Number

Currently, Bitzer provides a variety of compressor designs, including Ecoline compressor models, Octagon varispeed transcritical compressors, 2nd generation compressors, 0-VII, OSN, and HSN compressor series, which are suitable for different air conditioning and refrigeration applications.

Having a complete and accurate model number makes it easier for you to find and order the right Bitzer compressor replacement for your refrigeration or HVAC equipment.

In a nutshell, the model number of a compressor indicates its type (screw, scroll, or reciprocating), configuration (hermetic, semi-hermetic, or open-drive), number of cylinders, connection methods, and many other essential details. Based on the model number, a supplier can easily distinguish among multiple compressor designs and versions, and indicate the exact type of compressor you need.

Also, two seemingly identical Bitzer compressors can be enhanced with different technologies. As a result, they might require different replacement parts and accessories. In this case, a complete model number will ensure that you receive the correct replacement parts and accessories for your compressor model. You can usually find the model number on a label located on one side of the compressor.


As one of the leading compressor manufacturers, Bitzer has developed a variety of operating concepts and technologies over the years. These include, without being limited to:

  • liquid receivers, which are specifically designed for compressors with relatively moderate operating pressures of up to 460 psi (33 bar) and refrigerant temperatures as high as 248°F;
  • the LSPM motor technology that can be used in conjunction with CO2 refrigerant to improve the energy efficiency of compressors;  
  • sub-cooling technologies, which keep the temperatures of refrigerants below the saturation point; these technologies increase the cooling capacity as well as the efficiency of refrigeration systems;
  • new modulation technologies that adjust the speed of the compressor, increasing its efficiency and lowering energy consumption along with the costs associated;
  • refrigerant-cooled frequency inverters, which enable compressors to achieve maximum efficiency particularly under part-load operating conditions;
  • built-in oil separation systems that have significantly simplified the design of numerous Bitzer compressor versions, facilitating their installation and maintenance;
  • technologies that ensure quiet compressor operation, even under intense operating conditions.

A remanufactured Bitzer compressor is usually upgraded to meet the latest engineering standards in terms of design, efficiency, performance, durability, and quality. However, you should carefully review the features of the Bitzer compressor that you plan to purchase in order to ensure that it has been enhanced with the latest technologies, if applicable.


Similar to other manufacture compressors, Bitzer gives their remanufactured compressors a limited warranty. We at Compressors Unlimited honor those warranties when sold by us. Although it happens very rarely, if a remanufactured compressor fails during the warranty period, and the malfunction is caused by defects in components, materials, and/or workmanship, Compressors Unlimited will honor the OEM warranty of our Bitzer compressors and repair or replace the compressor at no extra charge to you.


Before you order a Bitzer compressor from a specific remanufacturer, be sure to check order processing and shipping options. As an example, we typically process and ship orders within several business hours, and provide our customers with complete tracking information for their orders. For more information about the shipping options we make available, please visit our Shipping section.

Business Reputation

The remanufacturer’s reputation is another important factor you should consider before ordering a remanufactured Bitzer compressor. If a company has a solid reputation, you can feel confident knowing that good reputation always steams from excellent customer service, quality workmanship, and reliable products.

If you’re looking for a Bitzer compressor, or for a valuable partner that can help you get your refrigeration or HVAC system up and running again as quickly as possible, please get in touch with our experienced professionals who will locate the right compressor for your equipment.


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