Why Choose Bitzer Compressors for Your Indoor Commercial Freezers?

Whether we refer to walk-in freezers, refrigerated display cases, industrial ice machines, reach-in coolers or other commercial refrigeration applications, sizing refrigeration units correctly is imperative to ensure adequate storage temperatures for different groups of products and avoid problems like refrigerators running continuously and eventually freezing up.  

In addition to the type of application, size of the commercial freezer, desired temperature range, peak air infiltration and product load, another aspect that should be considered is the type of compressor required in order to meet certain performance standards.

Since the compressor is one of the components that determine the performance, reliability, efficiency and maintainability of commercial refrigeration equipment, some of the products we recommend at Compressors Unlimited are the Bitzer compressors specifically developed for light commercial refrigeration applications. Read on to find out why.

Bitzer Provides a Variety of Compressor Models

To meet as many commercial refrigeration needs as possible, Bitzer has developed a comprehensive line of reciprocating compressors, which includes:

  • Ecoline semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors that represent one of the most energy-efficient choices in refrigeration;  
  • Ecoline 4- and 6-cylinder compressor models that can efficiently operate under full- and part-load conditions, including high-load fluctuations;
  • Ecoline transcritical compressors, which contain tailored motors for commercial refrigeration applications that use CO2 as natural refrigerant; these compressors can also meet strict energy efficiency requirements;
  • Ecoline subcritical compressors that represent the optimal solution for applications which involve condensing temperatures and standstill pressures;
  • Octagon varispeed transcritical compressors, which minimize suction pressure fluctuations and reduce refrigeration cycles along with energy consumption; with a lightweight and compact design, these compressors stand out among many new products;
  • 2nd generation compressors, which have a very efficient and robust configuration, and are compatible with a variety of refrigerants;
  • 0-VII series, which is renowned for its reliability and ease of maintenance.

In addition, Bitzer supplies HSN and OSN series, which are suitable for refrigeration capacity requirements that exceed 25kW, as well as HSK, OSK and CSH series for applications that go beyond 50 kW.

Two Different Configurations

Bitzer compressors for commercial refrigeration applications are available in two configurations: semi-hermetic and open-drive.

Unlike hermetic compressors, which are enclosed in a one-piece casing made of welded steel, semi-hermetic and open-drive compressors aren’t sealed off. As a result, they can be easily serviced and remanufactured.

Additionally, Bitzer semi-hermetic and open-drive compressors are:

  • compact and cost effective, as you can also find remanufactured units that are less expensive compared to compressors that are 100% new;
  • compatible with different refrigerants;
  • appropriate for indoor and outdoor use, representing the optimal solution for a wide range of commercial refrigeration applications.

Although certain commercial refrigeration applications might have some unique requirements, all of them can benefit from minimum maintenance, operational efficiency, cost savings and last, but not least, dependable service. Unsurprisingly, the commercial refrigeration units driven by Bitzer compressors can deliver all these things.

In addition to Bitzer compressors, Compressors Unlimited provides a complete range of compressor makes and models equipped with advanced technologies that can virtually meet any cooling and refrigeration requirements. In this way, we can help our customers ensure ideal temperatures for any application, in any environment.

To learn more about the remanufactured compressors, spare parts and accessories we make available, please feel free to get in touch with our friendly professionals today.  


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