Steps to Remanufacturing a Hitachi Screw Compressor

If you are searching for an affordable Hitachi Screw Compressor, you should really look into a remanufactured compressor option. Remanufactured compressors offer a number of benefits over rebuilt compressors. In general, rebuilt compressors are made using parts salvaged from a collection of used compressors. By comparison, a remanufactured compressor is made by replacing all worn parts and restoring them to like-new condition.

Steps to Remanufacturing a Hitachi Screw Compressor

1. Disassembly and Cleaning

The remanufacturing process always begins by disassembling and cleaning the entire compressor assembly. All liquids and lubricants are drained and removed so that the technician can inspect each element for wear.

2. Restoration of the Case

Most compressors experience some form of rust. After the compressor has been disassembled it is sent to be de-rusted and restored to its original finish. In addition, all mated surfaces are inspected to ensure they are ready for new gaskets, and all threaded holes are cleaned.

3. Consumable Parts Replaced

Before reassembly can begin, the technicians make sure that all consumable products are properly replaced. This includes every gasket and o-ring inside the compressor. They also replace bearings, springs, and valves to make sure that each component fits together precisely.

4. Machining of Moveable Parts

Next, the technician will take a look at all of the moving components within the compressor which are responsible for doing the real work. Each piece is measured against the original manufacturer’s specifications and either machined or replaced to bring it up to spec. This includes pistons, rods, crankshafts, scroll wheels, turbine blades and more.

5. Electrical Component Inspection

Once all of the internal parts have been cleaned up and replaced, it’s time to inspect the starting system. The stator is responsible for starting the compressor and keeping the compressor running. It will be tested, cleaned and treated to guarantee conductivity and smooth starting.

6. Lubricants Replaced

Now it is time to replace all of the necessary lubricants and inspect the oil pump for proper functioning.

7. Reassembly and Testing

Once the compressor has been completely reassembled, it will be recharged and pressure tested before it is ready for resale. It must be tested to show that it is leak proof and that it can maintain proper amperage, oil pressure and loading in a real-life application.

The goal of the remanufacturing process is to give customers a compressor that has been restored to original specifications. Instead of combining different worn parts from many different compressors, the goal is to replace all worn parts with brand new pieces that will live for many years to come. Compressors Unlimited is proud to carry a selection of compressors from trusted partners.


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