USA Remanufactured Compressors- It’s a Good Idea

USA Remanufacturing

The history of indoor air conditioning started right here in the United States. It’s because of U.S.-based brands like Carrier that air conditioned movie theaters became a summer tradition. That was back in 1922, and soon after, manufacturers all over the world were creating compressors for cooling and refrigeration.

These days, you can find commercial compressor manufacturers all over the world. There are leading brands in Europe, with Bitzer compressors being some of the most notable. There are also top brands in Asia, and Hitachi compressors are always popular. But it could be wise to focus your efforts on USA compressors.

No matter where your compressor originated from, you can save time and money by getting your compressor remanufactured right here in the United States. You won’t need to compromise on quality, and you might cut months off the time it takes you to get the equipment you need at the quality you deserve.

Why USA Compressor Remanufacturing Makes Sense

Most commercial compressor manufacturers actively encourage compressor remanufacturing. With remanufacturing, your existing commercial compressor core typically serves as the basis of your new compressor, giving you a decade or more of reliable performance.

Your compressor might have originally been made anywhere in the world, but remanufacturing means you can access all the parts and expertise you need right here in the United States. A compressor remanufacturing team maintains all the necessary components and equipment to do the work domestically.

That saves plenty of time for customers like you, as you might cut thousands of miles off your supply chain.

If you’ve been working with commercial compressors for a while, you probably know the aggravation of having to wait months for an OEM-affiliated wholesaler to process and fulfill your order. That’s no longer necessary if you use remanufacturing – and all the work can be done right here in the United States.

Compressor Remanufacturing Means Meeting All Quality Standards

In the long run, the purpose of working with an OEM-affiliated wholesaler is to make sure you get the quality you can expect. Luckily, you can reach all the same standards of performance and environmental soundness in the U.S. when you choose remanufacturing from a company like Compressors Unlimited.

With compressor remanufacturing, the compressor core undergoes a strict regimen of inspections. Throughout the process, functions are tested and components are replaced as necessary. Some vulnerable components, like o-rings, gaskets and other parts, are always replaced even if they appear to be in good condition.

A remanufactured commercial compressor is completely different from a rebuilt compressor.

There are no written professional standards for what makes a compressor “rebuilt,” and every company has its own interpretation. In fact, many rebuilt compressors have simply been cleaned outside and repainted. On the other hand, remanufactured means meeting or exceeding OEM performance and environmental commitments.

When the process is done, you can expect your remanufactured commercial HVAC compressor to last for a decade or more, just as it would if you bought all-new equipment directly from one of the OEM’s affiliated wholesalers. In fact, many compressors advertised as “new” today still utilize remanufactured compressor cores.

Compressor Remanufacturing Is Faster and Easier, No Matter the Brand

These days, most international brands have a network of suppliers that can service compressors in the U.S., but that doesn’t mean you’re necessarily getting the highest quality. These vendors are third-party suppliers rather than employees of the OEM. Working with them means paying them for the OEM’s brand name recognition.

No matter if you’re dealing with Bitzer, Hitachi, or another international compressor manufacturer, choosing the right remanufacturer, means you can get quality work along with a comprehensive warranty. For instance, our own warranty at Compressors Unlimited protects you against defects in parts and workmanship for 12 months.

A good compressor remanufacturer will be transparent with you throughout the process, providing you with documentation of all tests that were completed. On the other hand, vendors working under an OEM’s brand name may consider some information proprietary and not be able to answer your questions in full.

Needless to say, the efficiency of compressor remanufacturing right here in the United States grows when you are looking at the prospect of getting parts, equipment, or services from overseas. Quality standards might vary between the different links in the supply chain, and it becomes even harder to get the answers you need.

For quality, reliability, and service you can count on, a U.S.-based compressor remanufacturer can’t be beat. Not only do you get the results you expect, but you start a relationship that makes it easier to maximize the value of your investment in compressor technology – by ensuring you get parts, service, and advice faster in the future.

For those reasons and more, we believe commercial compressor remanufacturing in the USA delivers the best of both worlds: The compressor brands you want with the expertise and reliability of a domestic company that fully supports you.


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