The Eco-Friendly Choice: Benefits of Choosing Remanufactured Compressors

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These days, nearly every company wants to be more eco-friendly. For most of us, though, the best we can do is reduce the emissions and waste we’re responsible for. After all, your company probably won’t be replanting the rainforest. So, what can you do to make a difference in sustainability?

Changes to internal processes can make the best sustainability impact on manufacturing firms, but any company can improve by changing the way it interacts with the manufacturers within its own supply chain. That includes all kinds of OEMs, with compressor manufacturers at the top of the list.

Commercial Compressor Manufacturing Is a Resource-Intensive Job

Commercial compressor manufacturers have complex global supply chains that can span thousands of miles. This is true even when you work with a compressor manufacturing company based in the U.S. since a variety of parts can be produced overseas—and, of course, the raw materials could come from anywhere.

When you decide to buy a replacement commercial compressor from an OEM, you’re usually working with their affiliated wholesaler. That results in an upcharge—effectively, you pay more for the brand name but not getting anything more in return. After all, you still need to wait for production and shipping.

The production and distribution of a brand-new commercial compressor can take months, and it results in the release of a ton or more of air pollution. Compressor manufacturers have made progress in returning pre-used compressors to service, but you never really know what you are going to get when you make an agreement.

On top of all that, shipping compounds the amount of waste produced in this kind of manufacturing process. A standard container ship consumes about 60,000 gallons of fuel a day. Now imagine a scenario like the logjam at the Panama Canal during the pandemic – where ships consumed all their fuel while circling around or got stuck.

Needless to say, everyone is better off if you can avoid having a whole new commercial compressor built to meet your requirements. The best way to do that is to make sure you’re working with an alternative supplier. A compressor remanufacturing company can help you cut out the extraneous time, waste, and cost.

That’s a deal that’s best for everyone – the planet and your bottom line.

How Do You Replace a Commercial Compressor In An Eco-Friendly Way?

Replacing a commercial compressor without all the wasted time, expense, and pollution is easier than ever due to the availability of eco-friendly remanufactured compressors. Remanufactured compressors offer the benefits of a factory new compressor from the OEM. In fact, many OEM compressors are remanufactured.

What is a remanufactured compressor? A remanufactured commercial compressor starts with the compressor core. The core is the main part of the compressor unit that all the other components rely on. When you get a remanufactured compressor, the process starts with a compressor core that matches your current make and model.

Any compressor remanufacturing project starts by cleaning the compressor core inside and out, but that’s only the beginning. Just because a compressor looks good doesn’t necessarily mean it will perform at the levels you expect. Remanufacturing goes beyond to give you a real guarantee of the expected performance.

A quality compressor remanufacturing firm in the United States will carefully examine every aspect of the unit’s full operation. To do that, each function of the compressor needs to be checked one at a time. Tests need to be conducted to demonstrate that the compressor works, as well as a unit ordered through the OEM.

That can be surprisingly complex, so it’s important to do it right and involves multiple tests on each comprssor during the remanufacture process.  

One example, here at Compressors Unlimited, we always test a compressor with a complete submergence test to make sure it is leak-proof before it goes back to the customer. Leaks can be so tiny that there’s simply no other way to make sure. That’s just one of the many ways a good remanufacturing team helps out.

When it comes to the question of eco-friendly technology, remanufacturing means that more compressor cores can remain in service longer without any deterioration in performance. Done right by a competent, professional team, a remanufactured commercial compressor will last the standard eight to ten years or even longer.

Sometimes, a remanufactured compressor actually exceeds the performance and environmental benchmarks established by the OEM for that particular make and model. Every time a remanufactured compressor keeps a given compressor core in service, that’s one less new core that has to be fabricated from scratch.

We keep that ball rolling by removing your existing compressor’s core at the start of the process. Even if we can’t use it for your project, it will be remanufactured and used in the future, while you will benefit from a rebate. That’s a win for sustainability and your budget.


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