The Compressor Plays a Vital Role for Biotech and Pharmaceutical Lab Freezers

biotech compressor

A commercial compressor can be one of the most important pieces of equipment in a laboratory. That fact is especially true when you’re looking at a modern biotech or pharmaceutical lab. Virtually all pharmaceuticals have to be stored within specific temperature ranges to ensure they work as expected.

As pharmaceuticals are tested and developed, there might be many times throughout the process when they are fragile and vulnerable to changes in the environment. A difference of a few degrees can result in ruining a batch of important products. The tolerances involved are some of the tightest in any industry.

And the challenge doesn’t end when the products are ready for use. Pharmacies, clinics, and doctor’s offices all need to have appropriate refrigeration and freezing capability. It wasn’t that long ago when we saw exactly how essential this can be to human health. The pandemic offers an instructive example.

At the start of the COVID emergency, the earliest treatments required heavy duty freezing. In fact, most of the retail pharmacies in the United States were not equipped to handle the situation. As a result, businesses got involved in new ways, with retail cold services chains helping distribute vital medications.

Over the years, the standards of care have changed and current treatments no longer require freezing. Even so, there are still many medications that need to be kept consistently cold. No biotech or pharmaceutical firm can survive long without great commercial refrigeration compressors, and they should always have a replacement plan ready.

Biotech and Pharmaceutical Brands Feel the Need for Multiple Compressors

While some businesses can meet all their needs with a single compressor, biotech enterprises generally need several. One reason is because they need to keep larger square footage areas cool, of course. Another is simply because they often have to hold facilities at a lower temperature than is necessary in other industries. We have found that many of the facilities are currently using the Paragon Carrier Compressor to keep their units running at the desired temperatures. 

But one big driver behind the need for multiple commercial compressors is the desire to build redundancy into the process. If one compressor suddenly fails, the other can kick in to continue supporting vital processes in the lab. Likewise, even as compressors become less efficient with age, they can still work together.

Although it requires a higher upfront investment and draws more power, incorporating some redundancy into a facility design means each compressor has to do less work overall. This can contribute to economies of scale for biotech firms, especially when developing products that may be worth billions of dollars.

You no doubt already know that a commercial pharmaceutical compressor or commercial biotech compressor will last longer when you have a commercial compressor maintenance plan in place. While not all commercial compressors support intensive field repairs, larger and more complex models may provide more flexibility.

Beyond commercial compressor maintenance, it’s always prudent to have a strategy for replacing a commercial compressor when you need to. A compressor may last around ten years on average, but it will often start losing efficiency in the second half of its service life. Some compressors last 20 years or more, but they are rare.

Making a proactive decision about commercial compressor replacement is often the best way to keep business from being disrupted by mechanical or technical problems. At the same time, you can ensure that your facility continues running as expected and you can buy a replacement commercial compressor as quickly as possible.

Pharmacies and Biotech Firms Can Rely on Remanufactured Commercial Compressors

A remanufactured commercial compressor is the fastest and easiest way to get the compressor technology you need in a fraction of the time and at a much lower cost. Remanufactured commercial freezer compressors go through an intensive engineering process so they equal or exceed original OEM equipment.

A true remanufactured freezer compressor is not only cleaned and examined inside and out but also has all of its functions tested before shipment. Components are replaced throughout the unit as necessary, with certain vulnerable components (such as o-rings) always replaced no matter how old or new they are.

When all necessary replacements are made, testing reveals any further deficiencies that need additional work. At Compressors Unlimited, experienced commercial compressor engineers lead and document the process in detail. This includes a complete submergence test, one of the most helpful and informative tests.

When you buy a compressor from the OEM or an affiliated wholesaler, you’re very rarely getting an all-new unit. Instead, you’re paying for the brand name of that OEM. Save your money and get comparable quality, along with a relationship you can rely on when you work with a compressor remanufacturing company.

Always look for a commercial compressor remanufacturing brand that’s dedicated to a scientific approach: Testing, documenting, and making all necessary changes to provide you with the best results possible, just as you’re used to in your job!


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