Save Money and the Environment By Recycling Compressor Cores

save money and the environement

If you have a commercial or industrial facility, odds are good your business relies on, to some extent on commercial compressors. Even if a compressor isn’t directly involved in daily operations, your people and the public count on compressors for a welcoming environment.

HVAC and commercial refrigeration compressors have become a lot more reliable over the years. These days, you can count on compressors to operate for eight to ten years without difficulty. Although they might lose some efficiency in the second half of their lifespan, they often can still meet your needs as long as they are maintained properly.

Sooner or later, though, you will need to replace your commercial compressor.

The source of your compressor has major implications for both your business and the environment:

  • Your business: A 100% new commercial compressor is an investment that can put a major dent in your budget. You’ll generally pay thousands of dollars for a compressor. It can take weeks if not months for a 100% new compressor to arrive from an OEM or affiliated wholesaler, and you may lose business opportunities along the way.
  • The environment: When a new compressor is fabricated, it results in substantial industrial waste and the loss of non-renewable resources. OEMs and their business partners have global supply chains, so even one compressor might add up to thousands of tons of dangerous emissions.

Of course, when you need a compressor, you need a compressor. Few companies are willing or able to sacrifice performance in the name of sustainability. Luckily, you don’t have to. With compressor recycling, you have the chance to get everything you need from your unit while limiting your environmental impact.

If your compressor is damaged, you might be surprised to learn that compressor core recycling is still an option for you. Not only can you end up with a compressor that meets or exceeds all of your current standards in both performance and efficiency, but you will almost always end up paying less – often substantially less.

Today’s Top Compressor Manufacturers Are Making Compressor Core Recycling Easier

Your compressor’s core is the component that houses and sustains most of the work the compressor does. If a compressor breaks down, one of the first goals of maintenance personnel is to determine whether the core is damaged. It’s also one of the first questions many OEM representatives will ask.

Why? Because compressor cores are incredibly sturdy and durable. If a core can be rehabilitated, then it is possible to bring your compressor back to “like new” condition. Possible doesn’t mean easy – it requires an expert team of commercial compressor remanufacturers – but it is faster, cheaper, and good for the planet.

Compressor OEMs know this, too, and that’s why they’re making it easier.

When a compressor leaves service, the compressor core is often used as the basis of a new unit. Even if your current compressor core can’t be returned to service (because of electrical damage, say) most OEMs have a process in place so a compressor remanufacturing company can procure an identical core.

At Compressors Unlimited, we not only have access to these growing OEM programs but also have our own network of suppliers who identify sources for those hard-to-find compressor cores. As a result, you can get a totally reliable compressor at a fraction of the cost and do right by Mother Nature at the same time by making use of your core. 

How Compressor Core Recycling and Commercial Compressor Remanufacturing Go Hand in Hand

When you work with a commercial compressor remanufacturing company to get your new compressor up and running, the first step is to check on the core. When the initial inspection goes well, the unit can be opened, cleaned, inspected, and sometimes repainted. If the core is in bad condition, another one can be sourced.

A remanufactured commercial compressor goes through a rigorous engineering process designed to give you a terrific new compressor while minimizing harm to the environment. Each function of the compressor is tested and components are replaced as necessary. Fragile components like o-rings are always replaced.

In a matter of days, compressor remanufacturing technicians can have a unit ready for the most important tests. The unit is totally submerged to ensure that it won’t leak even under the harshest conditions. If a breach is detected, it can then be fixed before the equipment is released to you.

Finally, the remanufactured compressor is tested in a real-world environment. These “simulated real-world conditions” come as close as possible to what the compressor will face in your operating environment. Even though the testing is extremely thorough, it only takes a few days in comparison to months to manufacture a 100% new unit.

When you want to meet all your company’s commitments – for performance, reliability, and environmental soundness – remanufacturing is the way to go. It’s not only better for Earth, it is also better for your budget.


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