Rebuilding a York Commercial Compressor- What You Need to Know

remanufactured york compressor

The York brand is one of the world’s most trusted names in commercial HVAC compressors.

Among the compressor manufacturers that got their start in the United States, York has an indelible reputation as one of the great innovators in commercial HVAC applications. Now a key part of Johnson Controls, it continues to manufacture premium solutions for both residential and commercial HVAC systems.

With more than 60 years of development behind it, it’s no surprise that people trust the York brand to deliver. A York commercial compressor is generally one of the best you can buy. The alliance with Johnson Controls, which bought York in 2005, has enabled the company to grow and scale while maintaining its focus on excellence.

Following the acquisition, former York CEO and President C. David Myers (who became a Vice President with Johnson Controls) promised to “reshape the industry.” Indeed, our customers tell us that they’ve consistently had quality experiences in recent years while reaching out to York for service and other matters.

When you need a York commercial compressor fast, though, it’s often best to consider remanufacturing. A remanufactured commercial compressor has the potential to reach your facility weeks or even months faster than a unit you source from the OEM or one of its wholesalers. At the same time, you can save thousands.

In fact, a remanufactured commercial compressor often comes at a discount of 10%, 20%, 30%, or even more.

When facilities managers and other business leaders find out about the chance to benefit from York quality at a much lower rate than they might be expecting, it often sounds too good to be true. But if you partner with a commercial compressor remanufacturer you can trust, it’s exactly what you have in store.

Let’s take a look at how it works.

Early Steps in the Process of Remanufacturing a York Commercial Compressor

The process of returning a York commercial compressor to service starts with the core. The compressor is opened up and any damage to the core is assessed. Electrical damage, leaks, and environmental issues can render a core unusable as the basis of a remanufactured system.

In most cases, a compressor core can be rehabilitated. This is sometimes called “compressor core recycling” and is becoming a best practice in the industry. When you recycle a York compressor core, you accelerate the time it takes to get your new compressor up and running, while cutting out manufacturing waste and emissions.

After the initial core inspection, the unit can be opened, cleaned out, and sometimes repainted. This is where many companies stop – and, unfortunately, it’s the reason why you can never trust a compressor that’s been marketed as “rebuilt.” For a complete re-engineering process, look for the term “remanufactured.”

Remanufacturing continues with the replacement of any and all components that need it.

Some components may be durable enough to continue their service, but particularly vulnerable components like o-rings and seals should always be 100% replaced. While it isn’t necessary for all the replacements to be OEM components, they must be carefully chosen for compatibility and reliability.

Although this already represents dozens of hours of work for an experienced compressor engineer, it is only the beginning. To release a remanufactured York compressor into inventory, you need data showing it is truly ready.

Comprehensive Testing Is Critical for York Compressor Remanufacturing

To deliver a compressor that’s every bit as good as the day York first released it, the remanufacturing process has several more steps. At each turn, components are tested, replacements are made, and results are documented.

Remanufacturing isn’t complete until a York commercial compressor meets or exceeds all of the performance and efficiency benchmarks of the original. In some cases, you may get even better results from your unit, but every piece of remanufactured equipment remains compatible with your commercial HVAC system.

At Compressors Unlimited, our remanufacturing protocol ends with two crucial tests:

  • Complete submersion: Leaks are among the most serious problems that can leave even a new compressor destroyed in minutes. Years of experience have shown us that the best way to proof the entire compressor against leaks is to submerge it. All detected leaks can then be sealed at the same time.
  • Testing under load: Testing under load simulates the real operating conditions your unit will face when you deploy it at your facility. This has saved our clients countless hours (not to mention frustration) as we can provide hard data demonstrating that a York compressor is ready for work.

The general outlines of the compressor remanufacturing process are the same for all brands. Still, it’s best to choose a company that has years of experience with York compressors and their various models. You’ll get the excellence you expect from York, plus long-term support from a remanufacturing partner you can trust.


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