Property Managers Trust Hitachi Remanufactured Commercial Compressors

Hitachi Remanufactured Commercial CompressorsProperty managers of multi-family residential buildings need to be cautious about the quality of their HVAC system. Whether it’s air conditioning in the Deep South or heating up north, the average apartment complex becomes nearly unlivable just a few hours after climate system failure.

Although there are many regulations for residential complexes to follow, those about tenant safety stand out. Not only are they among the most important, they are also some of the easiest to transgress, even by accident.

A problem with the HVAC system doesn’t just mean tenants will be unhappy.

Within a day or so, the issue goes beyond simple discomfort to real liability. Even if the danger to tenants is minimal, there is still a possibility that someone will come to harm. Likewise, even if there is no harm in one instance, the issue could still be reported to local housing authorities.

In a worst-case scenario, an HVAC system mishap can lead to long-term reputational losses.

With all this in mind, property managers need to reach the highest levels of reliability for their HVAC system.

They are also under significant pressure to reduce the overall cost of ownership. The profitability of a property can be adversely affected by its total energy use as well as the maintenance required for building systems. Of all the common building systems, the HVAC is second only to lighting in average electrical usage.

When property managers need to balance all these priorities while staying within a tight budget, they have plenty of different commercial compressor options to choose from. In recent years, Hitachi commercial compressors have appeared in more and more apartment complexes, from large luxury high-rises to modest student housing.

Hitachi Commercial Compressors Are Ideal for High-Occupancy Residential and Commercial Properties

Hitachi has long been at the forefront of innovation for commercial compressors and related technologies. Founded in 1910, its early products included the first 4-kilowatt induction motor in its native Japan. Over the next several years, its products helped to make mining in the island nation more efficient than ever before.

Hitachi’s history in the world of commercial compressors compares favorably to that of top U.S. brands such as Copeland and Carrier. Its international footprint means it has developed compressors for a wide range of applications and is just as effective at meeting U.S. emissions and refrigerant standards as domestic brands.

Hitachi is highly active in the commercial compressor market and has made a number of exciting acquisitions in the last decade alone. As its network of service provider continues to expand, it is becoming easier and easier to find support for Hitachi compressors – which is helpful for residential buildings with multiple compressors.

It is no surprise that the fastest way to optimize any HVAC system is to focus on the compressor, where the most vital mechanical work takes place. All other elements of the system are impacted by compressor performance. That remains true whether the system is principally used for heating or cooling.

Hitachi commercial compressors stand out in a variety of ways:

1. The World’s Longest History in Scroll Compressors

Hitachi was the originator of the first scroll compressor design. Fewer moving parts lead to less torque variation as the compressor operates. These compressors are smooth and quiet, so they can be situated in more places in a residential building without disturbing your tenants.

2. Reliability and Easy Maintenance

Fewer points of fault mean keeping your compressor operating is easier, too. Regular maintenance checks are faster and diagnosing problems is simpler. As a result, Hitachi compressors often continue to deliver their full performance longer into their service life, generating more return on your investment.

3. Broad Selection of Sizes and Capacities

No matter your building’s size or what amenities you offer, there are solutions to meet every need in the Hitachi product line. Hitachi has everything from DC inverter equipped compressors suitable for mission critical infrastructure to large capacity VRFs that can precisely tailor refrigerant flow to indoor units across a building.

Why Remanufactured Commercial Compressors Are the Choice of Property Managers

Depending on the overall layout of your system, you may need anywhere from one to dozens of compressors to create a sufficient number of temperature zones for 24-hour tenant comfort. Many property managers also keep a small fleet of backup compressors in storage for an emergency.

A remanufactured commercial compressor undergoes complete re-engineering according to a rigorous process of disassembly, component replacement, cleaning, and testing.

When overseen by an experienced group of remanufacturing professionals, this allows units to deliver performance comparable to an all-new commercial compressor at a fraction of the cost and procurement time.

Remanufactured Hitachi compressors are ideal for property managers who want the best quality on the market at an affordable price – a combination that both property owners and tenants can cheer for.


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