The 5 Benefits Of a York DXS36 Commercial Compressor

York DXS36If you’re looking for a quality compressor at an affordable price, the York DXS36 may be for you.

The York DXS36 commercial compressor is among the leading models from one of the world’s top compressor companies. York provides a full range of residential and commercial compressors for refrigeration and HVAC systems of all sizes. It is a proud part of Johnson Controls.

Founded in 1885 in Wisconsin, Johnson Controls employs 105,000 personnel in 2,000 locations around the globe. Their workforce includes many of the foremost experts in compressor technology. In fact, Johnson Controls initiated the first-ever patent for an electric thermostat!

It should come as no surprise, then, that York is one of the leading names in commercial compressors. It is established as a true innovator whose products have appeared everywhere from farms and meatpacking plants to high-tech server installations and hospitality properties with the most demanding requirements.

York created the first-ever variable speed drive (VSD) for commercial air conditioners back in 1979. In modern times, it harnessed the power of sophisticated magnetic bearing technology to introduce the York YZ Chiller. With an eye toward innovation, its portfolio of products is distinguished by superior efficiency and durability.

Among that portfolio, the York DXS36 excels in a variety of ways.

The York DXS36 is a Proven Workhorse Across the Toughest Industries

The York DXS36 offers 75 horsepower and a weight of 1,250 pounds in a commercial compressor build that packs plenty of power into its space. When you select a York DXS36 commercial compressor, you get a unit that represents the peak of engineering in the air conditioning sector.

Let’s look at some of the biggest ways the York DXS36 commercial compressor stands out:

1. Efficiency

Virtually every commercial compressor company out there talks about environmental responsibility, but York has results to match. In the world of commercial compressors, energy efficiency correlates directly to lower emissions and less environmental impact, and York has come far in its commitment.

Implement a York DXS36 commercial compressor and you can rest assured you are doing your part for the environment. At the same time, you reduce the overall cost of ownership by using less energy to power your HVAC system. That helps you control costs even if you need a large fleet of compressors.

2. Reliability

For commercial compressors, reliability is tied to maintenance. A compressor can be discussed in terms of its “serviceability” – that is, just how easy or hard it is to maintain it properly. The York DXS36 commercial compressor is well-regarded for its reliability, which is built into every aspect of its engineering.

Even when installed and used correctly in the right type of operating environment, the York DXS36 can be trusted to have few mechanical issues. In the event of a problem, it is easy to diagnose and service. York continues to develop tools to make the process easier, a hallmark of its commitment to innovation – another key feature.

3. Innovation

You might think that once a commercial compressor has been purchased, there’s not much more to say about innovation. But if your DXS36 compressor is the beginning of a York-heavy technology strategy, you might just benefit from the brand’s forward-looking approach even more than you’d expect.

In addition to its great commercial compressors, York is also praised for its smart building technology. The York smart thermostat and smart equipment controller are just two examples of integrated, intelligent systems that can help you get more value from the DXS36. Over time, that makes a big difference.

4. Durability

With appropriate maintenance, it is not unusual to get 8-10 years of strong service from a commercial compressor. As the compressor ages, mechanical efficiency decreases and more repairs are usually necessary. The York DXS36 has a well-earned reputation for solid performance late into its service life.

When looking at any commercial or industrial compressor, it’s reasonable to wonder: “Will this really stand up to the test of time?” While just about any York product reflects strong engineering quality, the York DXS36, in particular, is known to rarely develop serious issues. Plan prudently, but don’t expect this one to retire early!

5. Value

Value” is what you get when you put all these factors – efficiency, reliability, durability, and innovation – against cost. Every enterprise is different, so only you can verify that your return on investment makes sense. But there is a way to reduce the cost of your York DXS36 without sacrificing quality.

A remanufactured commercial compressor undergoes a strict engineering process with disassembly, cleaning, component replacement, and testing handled by professionals. That delivers quality comparable to an all-new York compressor at a deep discount and allows you to deploy weeks faster.

It’s the ideal way to make your York DXS36 an even more valuable and effective part of your operations.


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