Making the Shift Toward Sustainability with Trane Compressors

Sustainability with Trane

Trane has always been a leader in the commercial compressor industry, since its earliest days, but modern Trane compressors are going a step above and beyond to give consumers and businesses alike an unbeatable experience.  There is nowhere where this is quite as apparent as it is in Trane’s commercial compressor units, including everything from their reciprocating compressors to their scroll and screw designs. 

Modern Coolants

The first big change we are seeing among Trane’s newest models is a shift toward better refrigerants. Now that R-22 has largely been phased out, Trane is leading the way by offering more cost-friendly and environmentally responsible options. Of course, the greatest challenge is making this change while maintaining the same approximate levels of operational efficiency in their larger compressor models, such as the CHHB-100, CRHR600 and the 3E5-80. These mega-sized commercial compressors have relied on the natural pressurization and lubrication properties of traditional refrigerants to achieve cooling. Some new coolants have proven less desirable because they do not perform at the same level when under pressure. Thankfully, Trane did the hard work of identifying suitable substitutes and building compressors that can easily handle the change.  

Modern Controls

Another big step for Trane is the inclusion of modern control systems in their commercial compressors. While many companies have focused solely on building thermostats and app-enabled technology for residential installations, Trane has made a point of improving the functionality of their commercial units with helpful add-ons and upgrades so that your commercial space can be controlled as easily as your home. Integrating these smart devices into your refrigeration and HVAC system is a great way to reduce your power consumption and ensure that your compressor is always operating at peak efficiency. In fact, Trane is proactively seeking opportunities to provide intelligent monitoring services along with their commercial compressors. This service includes analyzing the building and tracking ongoing data to determine where improvements can be made in efficiency and performance along the way. This data is both informative and functional, as it gives building owners the tools they need to seal buildings, make repairs and learn more about how their system functions in real time. 


The latest round of Trane compressors are also pushing the envelope by taking flexibility head on. Flexibility comes in multiple forms when it comes to these commercial compressors. First and foremost, Trane’s new multi-speed compressors are perfect for operations where the compressor is expected to ramp up and down with demand, conserving energy and reducing waste, while still having the range to provide plenty of power during peak hours. Secondly, Trane’s compressors have also been designed with flexible integration in mind. This means that they can be installed in existing systems, often where other brands are also at work. This integrated approach makes it easier for you to choose a good fit for your needs, and take advantage of Trane’s durability and warranties without having to replace your whole system in one go. Even better, many of the computerized control systems mentioned above are also compatible with other brands, so you can have more data in one place. 

Ultimately, Trane has their eye on the future, and even their remanufactured compressors are being fitted with the latest and greatest controls available. Since they’ve been leading the way, you can find plenty of high-efficiency, flexible models already in circulation, and gain the benefit of their long track record in this field. To learn more about Trane’s commercial compressors and modern features, visit Compressors Unlimited today and speak with our compressor experts. We can help you track down any size compressor to fit your building’s HVAC/R or refrigeration system. 


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