2 Major Issues That Can Lead to Commercial HVAC Compressor Failure

Keeping the inside of your commercial building cool is more important than most people realize. Most people don’t appreciate how complex the process is to achieve this outcome. The only way you will be able to accomplish this is with functional refrigeration compressors. Just like any other part of your commercial HVAC unit, eventually, your compressor will have repair issues. There are a variety of problems that can lead to this part of your unit not working correctly, hiring a professional can help you remedy them in a timely manner.

Dirty or Obstructed Coils

Among the most common problems that can lead to damaged Copeland refrigeration compressors is dirty or obstructed coils. Over time, dust will build up on the coils of your unit and will make it hard for air to pass through them. Without being able to expel the heat build up, your compressor will be unable to produce the cool air you need. The only way to keep this problem from occurring is by getting your coils cleaned on a regular basis. A professional in the commercial HVAC repair industry will have no problem getting your coils clean and functional.

Leaking Refrigerant

Another reason why Copeland refrigeration compressors may start to malfunction is low refrigerant levels. If there is a leak in your system, it will allow the refrigerant to escape. Without the proper amount of refrigerant, your compressor will be unable to perform the job it is intended for. If the compressor is not producing cool air from the unit, you need to contact an HVAC repair service to remedy the problem.

When in the market for a new compressor for your HVAC unit, be sure to contact Compressors Unlimited International, LLC. Call them at 972-286-2264 or go to their website for information on what this company has to offer.


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