How Government Agencies are Solving Compressor Needs

commercial refrigerationGovernment agencies of all kinds need commercial refrigeration compressor units to function. Some agencies are responsible for public health and safety matters that demand strict control of ambient temperature. Others must care for populations, such as patients or the incarcerated, whose safety is reliant on the effective working of a compressor.

And, of course, there are many agencies that operate an employee cafeteria or other food service measures. Modern food service as we know it relies on the compressor, and wastage in this kind of scenario can mean thousands of dollars in expense to taxpayers.

Whatever the case, government agencies have some significant operational constraints:

  • They work within strict budgets that do not offer much variance within a given year
  • They have tight turnaround times and may be subject to liability if a compressor fails
  • They often have limited control over the facility and cannot freely relocate a new unit

With those factors in mind, a remanufactured commercial compressor is often the best solution for government agencies. That holds true at the federal, state, and county levels, and even down to the individual community.

There are several clear advantages to a remanufactured unit:

1. A Remanufactured Compressor Provides Performance Comparable to a New OEM Model

A completely remanufactured commercial compressor goes through a multi-step process to bring it up to the highest standards. True engineering expertise is used. Aspects of that process include:

  • The unit compressor is completely disassembled
  • Many components are replaced with all-new parts
  • Cleaning is performed throughout the unit casing
  • The unit is comprehensively tested for performance

This is far superior to a mere “rebuilt” unit. A rebuilt compressor is one where only components that have failed are replaced. Other components may have significant wear, but they are left as-is if they are still functional. Cleaning and repainting the unit exterior takes up most of the time.

2. A Remanufactured Compressor Represents a 30%-40% Discount Versus a New OEM Model

To maintain adherence to environmental standards, many government agencies might consider requisitioning a new compressor unit from the OEM. These units do not come directly from the manufacturer, of course, but from an affiliated wholesaler who charges a premium for the name.

On average, you can expect a savings of up to 40% when you choose remanufactured over OEM. Because of the high standards involved in the remanufacturing process, government agencies have an advantage in maintaining the standards they require in energy efficiency and emissions.

3. A Remanufactured Compressor Offers a Much Faster Turnaround Versus an All-New Unit

When a compressor fails, the timeline to replace it is often hours or days rather than weeks or months. Yet, a new OEM compressor unit often has a turnaround time of about two months. You must also consider the time used to ship the unit to your facility and install it.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons Prefers Remanufactured Compressors

When it comes to temperature control and refrigeration, few other government agencies have as many requirements to follow as the Bureau of Prisons. Bureau of Prisons regulations take into account a variety of factors to determine a facility’s cooling needs. Area climate, the layout of a facility, the number of staff, and the number of inmates housed all play a role.

After a recent compressor emergency, our team got to work for the Bureau at FMC Lexington.

Federal Medical Center Lexington is a Kentucky federal prison for inmates requiring medical care. It was established in 1935 and it currently houses 1,950, including more than 300 women residing in an adjacent minimum security prison camp.

Recently, an electrical surge caused two large York compressors at FMC Lexington to stop working. Both needed to be replaced as soon as possible while honoring budget commitments.

Our extensive inventory of remanufactured compressors enabled us to reduce turnaround time for the replacement project by 2-4 days. By combining our existing stock with the expertise of our motor shop crew and production crew, work was done by the third calendar day.

Work was complete on a Saturday. Although Compressors Unlimited had reviewed several options for getting the new compressors from Dallas to Lexington, this limited the possibilities. To avoid relying on a third-party option that might add time or expense, it was decided that a member of our team should deliver the compressor units personally.

Combined with our efforts to date, this decision allowed us to ensure:

  • 3-day total turnaround time with 60% less wait time
  • A 16% savings to the customer
  • Both compressors delivered on time and within budget

Very few companies have the expertise to develop and deliver a remanufactured compressor. The decision to use a remanufactured unit is an important one, but how your chosen vendor executes on the process is every bit as important. Expertise makes a winning difference for government agencies of all sizes and mandates.


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