Food Storage Warehouses Choose Carrier 06DR3376 Compressors

Food Storage Warehouse

Food storage warehouses got a lot more attention than usual during the pandemic, as it became clear to more people just how difficult it can be to protect food that needs to travel thousands of miles before it gets sold. A warehouse is a key part of the supply chain for many products people eat and enjoy every month.

Although there are local alternatives for some foods, others aren’t replaceable. Food storage warehouses are getting bigger with time. As their footprint grows, it becomes even more important to have the right support.

Food storage warehouses generally need two things:

  • An extreme amount of “always on” refrigeration capacity
  • A strong HVAC system to maintain comfort during the day

Naturally, the commercial refrigeration system is the mission-critical component that ensures products are safe to sell. But a good commercial HVAC is nearly as valuable. Food storage warehouses are heavily optimized so pallets can be moved fast. Without a plan to deal with waste heat and other constraints, they can become stifling hot for personnel.

That being the case, it’s increasingly rare for a food storage warehouse to use just one commercial compressor.

Most warehouses will need more than one compressor working together, often at least four or five. There can be multiple storage units for refrigeration purposes as well as several temperature zones in a warehouse. The choice of compressor make and model can save thousands of dollars every year.

Carrier compressors have become more and more popular for meeting these intensive needs. Although there are several different options available, the Carrier 06DR3376 stands out. Superior performance and reliability have helped to ensure the Carrier 06DR3376 compressor is a common choice in food warehouses.

Carrier 06DR3376 Is a Versatile and Effective Commercial Compressor for Food Warehouses

Carrier has been one of the top names in commercial compressors for decades now. Originally associated with commercial compressors for HVAC, Carrier – which now operates alongside the Carlyle brand that it owns – is well known for versatile commercial compressors that work well within commercial refrigeration and HVAC setups.

Here’s what you can expect when you choose the Carrier 06DR3376 compressor:

Superior Lubrication

Lubrication is crucial to any compressor, reducing wear and tear on internal components. It’s especially vital to maximize lubrication for piston compressors, and the Carrier 06DR3376 reciprocating compressor won’t leave you disappointed thanks to its integrated positive displacement oil lubrication.

Efficient Startup Approach

When oil fails to return to the sump in a compressor, you can be faced with lubrication failure and overheating. This is a common complaint, and the Carrier 06DR3376 compressor addresses it with innovations that ensure equalized pressure during startup. That delivers the maximum return of oil to the sump.

Reduced Risk from Flooded Starts

Speaking of the sump, it’s another way the Carrier 06DR3376 reciprocating compressor stands out from what’s available elsewhere. It incorporates an oversized sump so safe lubrication ranges can be maintained during a flooded start. This extra sump capacity doesn’t make the unit itself larger or require extra energy usage.

Modern, Efficient Piston Design

Are you concerned about the effective life of your reciprocating compressor? The pistons themselves need to be carefully designed to reduce wear and tear, and the Carrier 06DR3376 compressor can’t be beat. Its pistons are calibrated for maximum capacity and efficiency, great for a service life of ten years or even more.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

Like many modern Carrier compressors, the Carrier 06DR3376 prioritizes ease of use and maintenance with its semi-hermetic design. This protects the compressor and compressor motor from the operating environment while still allowing accessibility, so your compressor maintenance plan can go off without a hitch.

Get More Value from the Carrier 06DR3376 Compressor with Compressor Remanufacturing

A food storage warehouse might need several Carrier compressors to function, so it’s essential to have a plan in place for eventual replacement. A compressor often lasts for ten years or more, with proper maintenance, but it doesn’t hurt to decide on sourcing for your replacement commercial compressor around the eight-year mark.

When you need a replacement compressor you can count on, a remanufactured commercial compressor is the way to go. Remanufactured commercial compressors undergo a process that includes full testing of every major function – so that the final product meets or exceeds OEM performance and environmental standards.

If you already have a Carrier 06DR3376 refrigeration compressor (or a Carrier 06DR3376 HVAC compressor) at your facility, your current compressor core can be used as the basis of a remanufactured system. Most of the time, a Carrier 06DR3376 compressor core is undamaged, saving weeks or even months of turnaround time.

The Carrier 06DR3376 compressor is a strong choice for any food storage warehouse. Combine it with the power of remanufacturing to save even more time and money, no matter how large your facility may be.


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