Commercial Compressor Warranty: What it Should Include

commercial compressor warrantyA well-maintained commercial or industrial compressor can last for 10-15 years or more. With that in mind, compressor replacement is relatively rare. Unless your enterprise uses several compressors of various ages and sizes, you might buy just one in your entire career.

With that in mind, it’s no surprise most people don’t know exactly what should be covered in a commercial compressor warranty. No matter if you buy new or get a remanufactured unit, an ironclad warranty is essential. It protects your interests and your bottom line.

Let’s review what you should see in a compressor warranty with a reputable vendor.

What a Compressor Warranty Should Always Cover

Here’s what to expect from a truly reliable compressor warranty:

1. A 12-Month Warranty Period

No good compressor remanufacturer will provide a product they won’t stand by for a full year. Be wary of shorter warranty periods. This can indicate poor workmanship or the use of lower quality parts not expected to last for the long haul.

2. Protection from Workmanship or Materials Defects

Workmanship and materials are the two areas where things can go wrong. You should always look for both to be mentioned. Materials, for example, would cover a new component that stops working. Workmanship would cover the incorrect installation of that part leading to a breakdown.

3. Full Repair or Replacement at No Cost to You

Some vendors may try to charge you an extra service fee for repairs covered by your warranty or claim some repairs are covered while others are not. If there’s any dispute, get the facts from them in writing. Always expect complete repair or replacement as the situation requires.

4. Option for an Extended Warranty

Consider extending your warranty based on the estimated life of your commercial compressor, which your remanufacturer should be able to help determine. Just remember, maintenance needs get more expensive as equipment ages. Eventually, replacement becomes the cost-effective option.

What a Compressor Warranty Doesn’t Cover

When a vendor crafts a warranty, it’s important not to sabotage their own business. Brands should take complete responsibility for any failure on their part, but there are a few reasons why a compressor problem might be out of their control.

Issues that a warranty won’t cover include:

1. Improper Storage or Operation

Like any other product, a commercial or industrial compressor must be used in accordance with its performance specifications and design tolerances. Compressors are durable under adequate operating conditions, but incorrect handling can cause serious problems.

2. Unreasonable Use or Neglect

Be sure to review your compressor documentation and discuss your work environment with your remanufacturer. The expected workload and operating conditions of a compressor vary based on size and other factors. An overworked compressor may burn out.

3. Mistakes and Errors by Third Parties

A warranty formalizes the relationship between your company and a specific vendor. If you invite someone else to perform repairs on your compressor they need to be properly licensed.  Otherise, it can invalidate your warranty.

4. Failure to Maintain System Appropriately

No one can require a compressor owner to perform intensive maintenance – whether you invest in maintenance proactively is up to you. Still, there are basics of operation required to keep any compressor going. If these aren’t done correctly and on time, a warranty becomes invalid.

Avoid These Mistakes to Keep Your Compressor Warranty

There are certain mistakes and oversights that can invalidate even a great warranty.

When you notice an issue with your system you want repaired under warranty, discontinue use of the compressor right away so the damage doesn’t keep getting worse. This can mean the difference between a problem that’s readily solved and an invalid warranty.

Equipment under warranty should always be returned from the buyer. Warranties cannot be transferred to third parties: There’s no way to tell how a system was handled, transported, or used. Likewise, accounts that aren’t in good standing usually can’t access warranty services.

Compressors Unlimited Offers one of the Best Warranties in the Industry

At Compressors Unlimited, we stand behind our complete remanufacturing process. Each and every compressor we work on is fully inspected, cleaned, and repaired using high quality replacment parts.

Our warranty puts our years of experience to work for your peace of mind. You get complete protection against parts and workmanship defects for a full 12 months from the date of purchase.

Our team will be glad to discuss any questions you might have about our warranty or our lineup of remanufactured compressors. 


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