Remanufactured Commercial Compressors: The Best Bang for your Buck

Remanufactured commercial Compressors (1)When you need a commercial compressor, there are three main options:

  • Buy new from the OEM manufacturer
  • Get a used (“rebuilt”) compressor on the secondary market
  • Get a remanufactured compressor from a qualified vendor

What’s the best option? Let’s take a closer look.

New Commercial Compressors Come at a Premium Price

Buying direct from the OEM is often not an option. Many times, companies face tight budgets and need a quick turnaround on a new compressor. Compressors can go out of service unexpectedly, costing you your bottom line for every day you need to wait. A lengthy procurement process worsens the issue.

If you’re ready to purchase an all-new commercial compressor, you can expect to pay anywhere from $7,000 to $100,000 depending on the unit’s capacity. That doesn’t include costs you might incur as a result of shipping, installing, and bringing the compressor online.

With this in mind, extending the service life of existing commercial compressors is essential. Organizations that truly understand the investment curve on a compressor are proactive about maintenance. Still, disaster can strike. What alternatives are available?

Rebuilt Commercial Compressors Can Lead to Unexpected Problems

Buying a rebuilt commercial compressor is something like picking a coat off the rack at a thrift store.

It may look fine, but there’s no telling where it has been and how it’s been used in the past. Just as you might wash that used item after buying it, a used compressor needs to be inspected in detail and reconditioned before it goes online in your facility.

Unfortunately, rebuilt commercial compressors don’t provide you with that kind of protection.

With a rebuilt compressor, some minor repairs are performed on the compressor before it goes up for sale. Non-functional parts are also replaced. When we say replaced, that doesn’t necessarily mean the parts are replaced with new parts or high quality replacement parts. You the buyer must be aware that these parts in themselves could very well be used and never checked to verify that they are still in tolerance. It should be noted that much of the work goes into cleaning and repainting the outer casing so it looks like it did on its first day of service.

How it performs is a whole other story!

The issue is obvious: Only components that were showing problems at the time the compressor went out of service get real attention. That usually means someone gave up on a unit and sold it at a loss. Sometimes, repairs have been performed using scrap parts.

In effect, any of the unit components that work in conjunction with the compressor could fail unexpectedly.

Making a rebuilt commercial compressor reliable would mean having it inspected and serviced again. Then, you would have to replace any other parts that are near the end of their lifespan. Not a great deal! And what a headache!

Remanufactured Commercial Compressors Provide Truly Reliable Service

With a remanufactured commercial or industrial compressor, you have the opportunity for “better than new” quality. That sounds like a tall order, but a qualified commercial compressor remanufacturing specialist can deliver on this statement.

During the remanufacturing process, a commercial compressor receives care from top to bottom.

That includes:

1. Complete Disassembly and Reconstruction

A remanufactured unit is disassembled in a specialized workshop where all components can be inspected, reviewed, and tested. Damaged or inefficient parts are replaced using new high-quality parts. Nothing is ever left undone or left to chance.

2. Complete Internal Cleaning

Uncontrolled movement of moisture or chemicals can cause serious problems with a compressor, including corrosion. During remanufacturing, the compressor unit is thoroughly cleaned inside and out. It won’t just look terrific – it’ll work that way as well.

3. Extensive Testing to Meet or Exceed OEM Standards

The constant evolution of OEM performance standards may seem like a sound argument for a new compressor. With a remanufactured unit, however, the components and the system are rigorously tested. When remanufacturing is complete, the compressor meets or exceeds the OEM standards for that particular model. This extends the working life of the entire system and makes it equal to any new unit.

Compressors Unlimited provides cost-effective remanufactured commercial units. You get unparalleled quality and parts at a fraction of the price of new one.  


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