What Are The Benefits of Preventive HVAC Compressor Maintenance?

HVAC systems have become a necessity in virtually all commercial and industrial facilities. To function properly and provide the required level of thermal comfort and indoor air quality, a HVAC system needs proper care and preventative maintenance.

By instituting an effective preventive HVAC maintenance program, building owners, managers and operators can ensure peak system performance and efficient operation. Having a preventive HVAC maintenance program in place reduces the chance of premature failures and prolonged downtime and can help protect your HVAC. Now, let’s take a closer look at the reasons why decision makers should make preventive HVAC maintenance a priority.

Fewer Breakdowns and Reactive Repairs

Clogged filters, water and/or refrigerant leaks, drain pan overflows, and other small issues can cause a HVAC system to stop working, and can even result in compressor failure. HVAC failure can lead to further mechanical damage to expensive parts, such as the compressor. Regardless of the underlying problem, the manager of a commercial or industrial facility will probably end up dealing with the high cost of emergency repair services. Depending on the extend of the damage, you can consequentially experience lower system efficiency, higher energy bills, unexpected downtime and revenue loss. By simply scheduling regular HVAC maintenance, building operators can avoid all these problems, at a reasonable cost.

Extended Equipment Life Span

Preventive HVAC maintenance can significantly extend the useful life of HVAC systems, delaying costly replacements. On average, a HVAC system with minimal maintenance lasts about 15 years. However, routine preventive maintenance performed by professional technicians can prolong its service life by 5 to 10 years. In addition to extending system life span and reducing the number of unexpected, costly breakdowns, proper HVAC maintenance is significantly less expensive than replacing major components – or the entire unit – every few years.

Constant Energy Consumption

If one or more components in a HVAC unit stop working correctly, the entire system has to work harder and longer in order to provide the same amount of cooling or heating. As a result, the system will use more energy. As an example, failing to clean condenser coils regularly can increase energy consumption by 30 percent.

Preventive maintenance cannot make a HVAC system more efficient than a brand new unit. But it can keep the system running at peak performance all year round. What’s more, regular maintenance will allow the unit to reach the desired temperature and humidity levels, and improve air quality throughout the building without straining. A system that continues to operate efficiently can save a commercial or industrial facility lot of money in the long run.  

Regulatory Compliance

Given the overall impact of buildings and HVAC systems on the environment, many state codes provide a challenging environmental compliance framework for commercial and industrial facilities. The rules and regulations typically focus on energy efficiency requirements, HVAC system sizing, pipe and duct insulation and sealing, ventilation controls and indoor air quality. A correctly sized, well-maintained HVAC system can result in considerable energy, emissions and cost savings. All while making buildings more comfortable and easier to manage in the long term.

As the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure.” Although preventive HVAC maintenance cannot completely eliminate emergency repairs, it can significantly reduce their occurrence. Considering the aforementioned benefits, the cost of regular HVAC system servicing according to a facility-specific maintenance program is really worth it. By scheduling a pre-season HVAC maintenance visit, you have enough time for any maintenance tasks and repairs to be completed before the winter season kicks in.

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