An Overview of Frascold Compressors

frascold compressors

It might not have the name recognition of some competitors, but Frascold is one of the leading brands in the production of advanced semi-hermetic commercial compressors.

Semi-hermetic compressors have gradually become the top choice for commercial and industrial settings of all kinds. Because they are so much easier to maintain, diagnose, and repair, a semi-hermetic compressor will often outlast the alternatives by many years.

With this specialization, Frascold – an Italian brand – has gradually made an impact in the commercial compressor market all around the world. Frascold produces commercial compressors for both cooling and refrigeration applications. It has something to meet virtually any need you might have.

Frascold Stands Out with 100% Made in Italy Products

You might ask if there’s any performance advantage for a U.S. workplace to buy products exclusively researched and manufactured in Italy. Frascold leverages its background to create a range of compressors that go above and beyond, standing toe to toe with any American-made products.

One benefit of purchasing compressors from the European Union is the fast pace of environmental regulations there. Frascold’s commitment to sustainability and higher energy efficiency helps it to stand out – and the rules it must operate by can be even stricter than those in the United States.

With that in mind, you can help future-proof your business by choosing Frascold compressors.

Frascold Helps You Reach Your Company’s Green Commitments

Frascold is also noteworthy for its quality control processes. Every unit undergoes rigorous testing and inspection. This helps ensure that an all-new Frascold compressor will perform well deep into its service life when properly maintained.

A dedication to quality also makes it faster and easier to source Frascold compressors. Replacement components are easier to come by than with many other European brands. That keeps the individual compressors from turning into waste that ends up in landfills.

Frascold recently announced the major “Earth Is Blue” initiative aimed at improving the efficiency and reducing consumption within its Milan headquarters. Frascold professes a dedication to “the Circular Economy,” where waste and pollution are eliminated and products are recycled to regenerate nature.

Frascold Offers Everything You Need to Optimize Your Commercial Refrigeration or HVAC System

Frascold has staked out its position as one of the leading names in semi-hermetic compressors, so you won’t find any hermetic or open compressors here. Still, that doesn’t mean the company cannot rise to the challenge of your project – it provides both reciprocating and screw compressors.

1. Frascold Reciprocating Compressors

Reciprocating compressors are best for smaller applications in controlled environments. Frascold has upgraded and updated its reciprocating compressors to better manage the traditional drawbacks. These compressors last longer, are less vulnerable to vibration, and even run quieter than many competitors.

There are ten different reciprocating compressor series – each with anywhere from three to eight sizes. They run the gamut from two-stage to sub-critical and trans-critical models. No matter which you choose, you can count on it.

2. Frascold Screw Compressors

Frascold’s screw compressor offerings are divided up into seven series with two or three size categories to each. Chosen correctly based on your application, they represent some of the most efficient screw compressors you can find anywhere.

3. Frascold Condenser Units

Frascold also offers a full line of air-cooled condensing units. These are designed to maximize efficiency and ensure quiet performance in moderate climates. There are four different series with five sizes each, measured according to the required filters.

Frascold has also made waves with its new magnetic series of compressors. These air conditioning compressors are designed to meet tough global emissions standards in SEER, SEPR, and SCOP. The Interior Permanent Magnet motors used in these units are especially efficient under partial load.

Leverage the Best Frascold Technology at a Fraction of the Price

When considering a Frascold compressor, many people wonder whether there will be logistical hassles involved in working with a company based in Italy. One of the best ways to handle these issues and stay prepared for anything is to use a remanufactured commercial compressor from a company you can trust like Compressors Unlimited.

A remanufactured commercial compressor is better for the environment and better for your company’s budget. Deep discounts can save you 10% to 30% or possibly more while providing you with a unit that meets performance and energy standards in every way. Plus, you cut down on weeks of sourcing time.

Select a remanufacturing team you can trust and their facilities will become the hub for all your compressor needs. A reliable remanufacturer will be able to provide you with components, maintenance support and information, and any guidance you need to get the most value from your compressor.

Frascold compressors deliver some of the most impressive technology available today. When you work with a remanufacturer, you can enjoy the benefits faster and at a superior price.


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