Your Danfoss Compressor is Giving You Trouble – Repair or Replace?

Knowing when it’s time to replace versus repairing your Danfoss compressor is an important part of operating efficiently. At first, repairs may seem like a logical and cost-effective choice, but somewhere down the line, it becomes apparent that the cost of repairs is mounting and soon, they will exceed the cost of a replacement. So how do you know when you’ve reached that point?

Troubleshoot First

Before you weigh your options with a failing Danfoss compressor, you first need to have a professional troubleshoot the system to determine the cause of failure. All compressors have a handful of wearable parts. Even with regular maintenance, these components can wear out. If you discover that your compressor failure has been caused by an easily replaceable part that is known to wear out with time, it’s pretty safe to say that you should just repair it and get on with your day. However, if you find that the bearings are going bad, or there is some deeper issue causing the problem, now you will have to stop and think about the cost.

How Much Will the Repair Cost?

In order to assess whether or not a replacement makes sense, you need to know how much the actual repair will be once it has been properly diagnosed. In general, experts say that any repair costing more than 50% of replacement should make you stop and think, although your threshold might be even lower. The fact is that at 50% of the replacement cost, even if you repair the issue you currently have, you will continue to see periodic failures among other core components as the compressor ages. If even one more repair adds up in the near future, you will regret not just replacing it with a cost effective remanufactured compressor.

Does A Repair Make Sense?

Another important factor you need to consider is the operational efficiency of your Danfoss compressor. As compressors age, they become less efficient and more costly to operate. In addition, new technology continues to find ways to save us money on running our compressors day in and day out. Most compressors are built to last about 10 years. When you get into the latter half of your compressor’s life, it is likely that you will start seeing a loss of efficiency. When a part goes bad, you have the option to repair it, but even when it is repaired, your system may still be far less efficient than a modern system would be. If a repair is not guaranteed to bring your compressor back up to a reasonable level of efficiency, it is time to go for the replacement. After all, the cost of a new compressor or remanufactured compressor is a one time deal, but your monthly energy bills an ongoing commitment.

As you explore your options with your Danfoss compressor, make sure that you are weighing both the short and long-term advantages of repairing versus replacing. While a repair may always look cheaper on paper, the truth is that some repairs will continue to cost you money for a very long time, and may only patch things up until you are forced to get a replacement in an emergency.

For more information about when to replace your Danfoss compressor, contact Compressors Unlimited and speak with our technical experts today.


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