Why York Z Compressors Are Popular with Small Businesses

york z compressor

The York Z is a reciprocating semi-hermetic compressor available in four models:

    • Z4: Four cylinders, 1.75 gallon oil charge, 750 pounds
    • ZB4: Four cylinders, 1.75 gallon oil charge, 750 pounds
    • Z6: Six cylinders, 1.75 gallon oil charge, 960 pounds
    • ZB6: Six cylinders, 1.75 gallon oil charge, 960 pounds

York Z series compressors are commonly used in commercial HVAC applications for companies with a small or medium commercial footprint. These companies look for high quality performance in an HVAC system, but are also typically budget-conscious. Luckily, the York Z consistently proves its value.

There are other compressors that make an impression on this segment, but the York Z is more common than ever. And while many businesses have started with an all-new compressor at the premium price of an OEM distributor, many are switching to a remanufactured compressor for replacement.

The York Z Series Will Surprise You with Its Combination of Quality and Affordability

It’s easy to have the mistaken idea that the York Z series isn’t advanced because it uses a reciprocating architecture. Anyone who has been around commercial compressors for any length of time knows that some older reciprocating models are prone to issues due to the high degree of mechanical wear.

While many companies have gradually phased out their collection of reciprocating compressors, York is still going strong in this segment and making improvements on a regular basis. Today’s York Z series will last longer, with more reliable performance, than many comparable units from competitors.

With its semi-hermetic design, the York Z series is easy to diagnose and maintain. When you follow the recommended maintenance guidelines and keep the operating environment right, you can rest assured your compressor will work for its full 7-10 year lifespan while maintaining low cost of ownership.

Small Businesses Love the York Z Series Commercial Compressor

With a history spanning all the way back to 1874, and work in the commercial compressor space since 1903, York has had plenty of time to iterate on its compressor designs. Its products are found in retail locations, factories, hospitals, malls, airports, universities, and even marine vessels.

Here are some of the key reasons the York Z compressor is gaining popularity with small businesses:

1. Diagnosing Maintenance Issues Is a Snap with the York Z Series Compressor

The convenient semi-hermetic construction of the York Z compressor makes it easy to diagnose an issue and resolve it without long compressor downtime. And York compressors are so well-designed that once you’re familiar with the workings of one, you can easily manage common tasks with the rest.

All in all, this leads to greater productivity, efficiency, and most importantly, uptime for the compressor. While it’s always a wise idea to have a backup compressor on hand if your business relies on a large compressor fleet, most smaller companies can reach their goals by keeping a selection of parts on hand.

Which brings us to our next point, another keystone of York’s value for smaller firms:

2. It’s Easy to Find Replacement Parts for a York Z Series Compressor

York is headquartered in York, Pennsylvania and has a number of its manufacturing sites right here in the United States. Seven factories are stateside while others are found in Mexico, England, Australia, France, and Uruguay. With its footprint centered on the U.S., replacement parts are widely available.

Whether you are purchasing OEM or aftermarket York parts, restocking York compressor parts often takes a few days at most, which allows owners to manage their maintenance plan and respond to any unexpected mechanical issues easily. You no longer need to worry about logistical hassles when all you really need is a new valve or o-ring.

3. York Is One of the Best Compressor Companies for Alternative Refrigerants

York was one of the first companies in the world to move on alternative refrigerants, with technology to replace chlorofluorocarbons rolling out in its compressor units before CFCs were even banned in 1996. As refrigerant standards have continued to improve, York has been there before anyone else.

Companies working on a Corporate Social Responsibility strategy or curbing their carbon footprint can look to the York Z series compressor as a piece of the puzzle. When sized correctly for the job at hand, a York Z model compressor has relatively low energy usage and, thus, a lower cost of ownership.

A Remanufactured York Compressor Enhances Your Value from the York Brand

With a remanufactured commercial compressor, you get all the value you expect from York at a fraction of the price. Not only does this regularly amount to a 10%, 20%, or even 30% discount, it is much faster to source a remanufactured York compressor than to wait for an OEM’s affiliated wholesaler.

York’s reputation is continuing to grow in the small business space. With a remanufactured York Z series compressor, you’ll increase the benefits of well-known York excellence.


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