Why Choose a Copeland AC Compressor?


With a century of successful innovation behind it, Copeland claims to be specified by more commercial HVAC and refrigeration professionals than any other brand. Celebrating the major milestone of 100 years of service this year, the company is now going strong as a part of Emerson Electric.

The Copeland story began with Michigan inventor Edmund Copeland and it is still one of the top brands for commercial compressor technology in the United States. Copeland’s first mechanical refrigeration system was a smashing success with such historic impact, it now resides in the Smithsonian.

But when you are looking at optimizing your commercial HVAC system or keeping it running strong for another ten years, history doesn’t matter as much as results. Luckily, Copeland AC compressors have continued to perform strongly over the years, making it one of the top compressor firms in the world.

Copeland Commercial Scroll Compressors Will Wow You with Advanced Technology

Copeland commercial compressors come in many forms, including seven different series designations with dozens of individual models. The enterprise is perhaps best known for its scroll compressors. Scroll compressors are designed to eliminate the mechanical issues common to reciprocating compressors, and Copeland does it right. These compressors make your business’ HVAC system reliable and efficient.

The key advantages of Copeland scroll compressors include:

1. Fewer Maintenance Headaches Thanks to Fewer Moving Parts

Copeland’s scroll compressors have only three moving parts. This significantly reduces wear and tear over time and allows you to quickly zero in on the source of maintenance issues. By contrast, an average reciprocating compressor can have as many as nine moving parts for each cylinder.

2. No Complex Internal Valves

The internal suction and discharge valves used by many older compressor types are notorious for failing long before the rest of the compressor. Copeland pares back these components, making the systems far more resistant to liquid refrigerant slugging and the presence of debris.

3. Higher Efficiency Across Operating Ranges

Copeland was among the first companies to spearhead partial load operation across its compressor line. A Copeland scroll compressor will tend to be more efficient over its entire operating range. Cumulative savings from part-load operation are especially noticeable in larger units.

4. Lower Vibration Levels, Especially in Smaller Units

Smoother, quieter operation isn’t just for convenience in the operating environment, although it helps there, too. It also means components remain fully seated and suffer from less wear. At smaller sizes, the Copeland scroll compressor barely makes a sound.

Copeland Thinks Differently When It Comes to Compressor Design and Maintenance

All Copeland scroll compressors adhere to one of these two architectures:

1. Fixed Capacity Copeland Commercial Compressors

Copeland’s fixed speed compressors are optimized for commercial air conditioning. When you step into a building and feel that refreshing cool blast, odds are good you have Copeland to thank. Fixed capacity compressor units operate at high efficiency under both full load and part-load conditions.

These compressors are available anywhere from two horsepower to a powerful 60 horsepower, so there is something to meet your needs no matter the size of your building or the number of temperature zones it contains. There are even units for pool heating and other specialty applications.

Fixed capacity compressors can be found for all commercial settings, but they are most popular for small and mid-sized buildings. Many larger corporate campuses, hospitality properties, and others have been turning their attention to Copeland’s other offerings, the sophisticated modulating compressors.

2. Modulating Copeland Commercial Compressors

Copeland’s newer line of modulating commercial compressors is designed in advance of anticipated government regulations, allowing companies with a larger carbon footprint to get out ahead of these needs and make required changes on their own timeline.

The core concept of the Copeland modulating compressor is that the unit can tailor its performance to subtle changes in ambient conditions and system load. This keeps temperature and relative humidity levels stable throughout a building without big swings in either throughout the day.

While many compressor manufacturers are moving in this direction, Copeland modulating compressors stand out. Their on-board sensor technology enables them to provide granular modulation without the need for extra complexity, such as a smart thermostat or a smart building system.

While many enterprises will adopt smart building technology in coming years, having core capabilities related to efficiency integrated directly into the compressor centralizes and simplifies the matter. This means companies can enjoy the full value of the compressor immediately.

Copeland’s modulating lineup includes variable speed, two-stage, and digital systems allowing 10%-100% modulation.

When you need to replace a Copeland commercial air conditioning compressor or buy a spare Copeland compressor for emergencies, look at remanufactured commercial compressors first. A remanufactured Copeland compressor will deliver performance at or above all original OEM tolerances at a significant discount. Plus, the turnaround is weeks sooner compared to an OEM distributor.

**Compressors Unlimited does not sell Copeland Scroll Compressors. 


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