Why Buying Compressor Parts from a Remanufacturer Is Good For Your Budget

When your business relies on cooling or refrigeration, one of your most important goals is to control the cost of ownership around your compressors. Maintenance is the key to getting compressors to perform as expected well into the latter half of their typical 8-10 year lifespan.

Some commercial compressors are designed with maintenance in mind, while others are a little bit more likely to be replaced. This doesn’t always map directly to how sophisticated an underlying technology is. Some screw compressors offer virtually no field repair capabilities, while many reciprocating ones do.

A highly serviceable commercial compressor is a good investment.

Since compressors have been on the scene for more than a century, they’ve moved toward greater serviceability all along. Today’s semi-hermetic designs are a major example, allowing the compressor to be completely protected from the environment but still accessible for diagnostic purposes.

Superior maintenance leads to long-term savings:

  • You can extend the life of your compressor, potentially by a number of years
  • You can identify and resolve many issues in their earliest stages, saving time and money
  • You gain influence over the timeline and circumstances of unit replacement

One of the easiest ways to manage long-term compressor costs is to be sure you always have the right compressor spare parts on hand. And of your options for keeping those parts stocked and ready, your local compressor remanufacturing team is the best bet for low cost and high quality.

Why a Remanufacturer Is Your #1 Source for Spare Compressor Parts

When you need compressor spare parts, you may first think about going directly to an OEM or affiliated wholesaler. In cases like this, when you are shopping for small parts that don’t need to be OEM-specific, you end up paying a premium for the name – and you could still end up waiting a long time for parts.  One other factor to consider is that the OEM sales person might not be familiar with the internal parts of each compressor.  

Depending on your compressor’s brand, the OEM may or may not have a robust product support and logistics network near you. It’s in their interests to make you think you’re getting the highest quality available, but supply chain issues could leave you waiting far longer for your components than you’d prefer.

By comparison, a compressor remanufacturing team can serve you quickly, well, and affordably.

Experienced compressor remanufacturers know the compressors they work with inside and out – if they didn’t, they wouldn’t be able to provide a worthwhile service for customers like you. A remanufacturing process always starts by disassembling the unit and inspecting it from top to bottom.

Because we work with compressors at every stage of life – and bring them back to the performance and environmental standards of totally new units – we understand which components you are most likely to need at different times in the compressor’s life cycle. We can evaluate the root cause of any issues, too.

While OEM-affiliated service technicians are also trained to do many of the same tasks, their experience means they’re more likely to look at compressor issues in isolation. On the other hand, remanufacturers see the system as a whole and can consult with you on any issue you are having.

When replacing your compressor, a remanufactured commercial compressor is also the best investment you can make. Because remanufacturing uses a compressor core, remanufacturing can take days rather than weeks or months.

With lower overhead, the process is a lot less expensive, too.

Save Yourself the Headaches of an Aging Compressor with Compressor Parts You Can Trust

All too often, organizations get caught by surprise when it’s time to make a major investment in cooling or refrigeration equipment, such as a replacement commercial compressor. When you prioritize extending your compressor’s life with the right parts, you’ll have less to worry about.

Along the way, the opportunity to build a relationship with a compressor manufacturer can be valuable on many other levels. If your service technicians are stumped about an issue, you can get advice from multiple team members who solve technical problems like these daily.

All in all, you won’t invest too much money on spare compressor parts in a given year – but if you find yourself running short at the wrong moment, it can turn into thousands of dollars in unplanned costs. Keep the necessary parts on standby for when you need them. 

At Compressors Unlimited, we’ve developed supplier networks that enable us to get you the right parts at the right time. We encourage all customers to inventory their parts and document any replacements.

Our goal is to ensure you’re never caught by surprise.

Of course, there are many compressor remanufacturers in the world you can work with. Always take the time to research their record and ask questions to be sure you’ve found the best partner for you.


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