What are Commercial Compressor Electronics?


Commercial compressor electronics are, in many cases, the key to a properly managed HVAC system in any building. These special electronics serve as the brain of your system, allowing you to control how and when your system operates and giving you feedback about performance so you can make more informed decisions about your business. 

Introduction of Compressor Electronics

Commercial compressor electronics have been growing in popularity since the early 2000s. Over the last two decades, they have evolved from simple devices that allowed you to monitor operating temperatures and make minor adjustments to full-service units that give you complete control over your unit and even serve a protective purpose. These small units are external to your compressor body, but they gather performance data from your compressor, which is relayed to you in a format that gives you more control. 

Diagnostic Tools

Modern compressor electronics serve as an important diagnostic tool to help you troubleshoot problems within your HVAC/R systems. With up to the minute data collection and relaying, you can easily identify problems and spend less time troubleshooting. In fact, the electronic unit will be able to run some tests itself to help you determine the source of the problem, or warn you of impending failures before they happen. These diagnostic tools can also put your mind at ease when you hear your compressor making a noise that you’re not familiar with, ensuring that you don’t have to call a technician for every little vibration. Instead, you can check it on your own, and verify that everything is functioning normally, or your maintenance team can take a quick look and determine whether or not further troubleshooting is required 

Fail Safe

The fail-safe feature of today’s compressor electronics can save you thousands of dollars. These electronics monitor your compressor day in and day out, searching for red flags. When a problem is detected, the electronic unit can shut down the compressor and send you an alert. This prevents the unit from operating when there is a broken or worn component, which may cause more extensive damage over time. By shutting down the unit immediately, you can call an experienced technician to solve the problem right away. This can save you thousands in repairs and replacements. 

Efficiency Monitoring

Aside from troubleshooting and protecting your system, the biggest function of your electronics is to manage the entire system’s efficiency. By relaying performance data to a control dashboard, you will be able to check up on your compressor performance, determine where there is a waste, and make adjustments to curb your operating expenses. You will also be able to take care of zone and comfort controls from this dashboard, ensuring that your entire facility is kept at the appropriate temperature. Many electronic systems also have regular maintenance reminders built in for things like filter changes that must be done regularly to preserve peak operating efficiency. 

Commercial compressor electronics are helping businesses save money and get more life out of their compressors. By providing moment by moment snapshots of compressor performance, you can make better decisions about how to use your compressors and when to perform repairs. You can also gain valuable insights into the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your system and take advantage of the electronic’s monitoring systems. These external electronics are changing the face of the HVAC/R industry overall, putting the power in the hands of businesses to understand their equipment better. Today, the majority of commercial compressor units have an electronic control unit set up. For more information about commercial compressor electronics for your HVACR system, contact Compressors Unlimited today and speak with one of our team members about the right electronics for you.  


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