Uncovering Myths About Remanufactured Refrigeration Compressors

There are a lot of refrigeration and HVAC contractors that use remanufactured refrigeration compressors as a very cost effective alternative to new models.

In existing systems, using the same make and model of refrigeration compressor may be critical, particularly when there is limited room for modifying the system to match with a new compressor model or a different brand.

We hear a lot of questions from our customers at Compressors Unlimited International that tends to be based on a range of myths or misinformation out there about the remanufacturing process. To assist with clarification, here is the truth about this very cost-effective option.

Myth: All Remanufacturing Companies are the Same

It is important to understand if you are working with a company that remanufacturers, rebuilds or reconditions the compressor. We only provide remanufactured refrigeration compressors. This means that we disassemble the compressor down to the individual parts and the bare casting. Our technicians then replace all valves, seals, inserts, bearings, o-rings, rings and gaskets with new. We clean and check all the moving parts and verify they meet OEM tolerances.

We replace all parts that are not in like-new condition. We then clean and test the rest of the compressor, replacing anything, not to OEM standards. Then everything is reassembled, tested and charged with a nitrogen holding charge.

Myth: Buying Remanufactured is the Buyer-Beware Option

One of the advantages of buying from Compressors Unlimited International, LLC is our 12-month limited warranty. We stand behind the work we do and the parts we choose to utilize in the remanufacturing process. This provides our customers with confidence in knowing that our remanufactured refrigeration compressors are ready for installation and operation.

We specialize in commercial and industrial refrigeration compressors remanufactured to our exacting standards. Our team has worked on all major brands of compressors, and we maintain a top inventory of remanufactured units available for sale. If needed, we can also remanufacture your compressor with fast turnaround and shipping time to get your system back up and running on your repair schedule.


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