Today’s Commercial Compressor Engineers Make a Difference

These shortages affect everyone, from the average family to the local small business and massive, global corporations. It’s impossible to avoid the impact, yet not everyone has the opportunity to make a direct difference in creating a better future. Compressor engineers have just that chance.

Compressors are an essential part of today’s commercial and industrial landscape. Anywhere a business relies on refrigeration or cooling, modern compressors are indispensable. Many enterprises need to use dozens of them, and consumer goods like commercial refrigerators all contain them.

The world would be a very different – and much less hospitable! – place without these compressors. And their role is slated to grow as places around the world deal with rising temperatures. Even right now, the U.S. South and Southwest would be all but uninhabitable without compressors.

Who knows what things will be like tomorrow?

Yet, in the midst of this crucial service is the undeniable fact that compressors are demanding, both in resources and their potential toll on the environment. Commercial compressor manufacturers have worked hard to make their units more ecologically friendly, but there is still more to be done.

Enter the remanufactured commercial compressor – and the service contractors who work on them.

Remanufactured Commercial Compressors Drastically Reduce Environmental Impact

Many different elements make up the environmental impact of a technology.

When it comes to compressors, regulators and manufacturers alike have often focused on coolant. This is important, but it is only one part of the story. Manufacturing a new compressor requires the burning of tons of fuel as various components are fabricated, transported, and assembled.

Compressor engineers who specialize in remanufacturing have the opportunity to reduce the need for all-new compressors while ensuring that the market demand for quality and reliability continues to be met. With a responsibly sourced compressor core, the bulk of environmental impact is eliminated.

With remanufacturing, a compressor core is used as the base to completely restore a unit to the same performance and environmental standards it originally had. This essentially adds another 8-10 years to the compressor’s lifespan and results in a greener, cleaner world for that period of time.

During remanufacturing, all necessary component replacements are made. Then, the unit is tested in a simulation of real-world conditions, ensuring it will operate as intended. While new and remanufactured replacement parts are used, many such components are just a few inches in size, compared to the huge compressor core.

Nor does this positive environmental impact come at the expense of manufacturers.

Manufacturers and customers alike appreciate the power of remanufacturing to extend the life of this critical hardware. For customers like you, the choice to go with remanufacturing often represents up to 30% in savings over the alternative.

Manufacturers actively participate in and encourage remanufacturing in the form of compressor core exchanges. These and other programs facilitate this helpful market, which enables the manufacturers to encourage brand loyalty and focus their resources on the continuous improvement of their technologies.

Remanufactured Commercial Compressors Help Support a Strained Global Supply Chain

As you read this, the world is reeling from supply chain issues that show no signs of going away any time soon. For every mile that a product needs to travel from its origin to its destination, significant costs are borne by the consumer – and unexpected difficulties can arise anywhere along the way.

If you’ve been comparing compressors lately, you’ve noticed that there are many U.S.-based brands, but some of the world’s top manufacturers are based in Europe or Asia. Many buyers wonder whether they can get the replacement parts, service, and ultimately, new units they may need from these brands.

When you partner with a remanufacturer to meet your compressor needs, you are cutting down your supply chain – potentially by thousands of miles. All you need to concern yourself with is the distance between your facility and the remanufacturer. That might be hours away rather than days!

All of this has a tremendous impact on worldwide supply chains that are already stretched to breaking.

Even before any of these issues started, customers would often need to wait weeks or months to get a brand new compressor from an OEM-affiliated wholesaler. Often, the decision to replace a compressor is not done at leisure – it’s an emergency with ongoing costs for each day the new equipment takes to source.

When you need a compressor, you want the highest quality of engineer to stand behind that product. If you go with remanufacturing, you can rest assured honest, hard-working, experienced engineers are on the case and on your side. They don’t make the headlines, but they help businesses like yours to make a dent in today’s big issues. From environment to supply chain to value, remanufacturing is your best bet.


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