Quality Remanufactured Compressors Solve Today’s Problems

Commercial compressors are designed to solve problems. They help to ensure that you can maintain the temperature and refrigeration levels you need. They’re a long-term investment in your business that can also be very strategic. Choosing the right compressor can help you resolve other challenges.

A few decades ago, the choice of a commercial compressor was a relatively straightforward one. As long as you knew the environmental parameters, you could select a compressor that was the right size. Even the underlying compressor technology was much simpler.

These days, more options mean more ways to save money and perform better.

Compressor manufacturers are looking for new ways to help you add value. This new orientation can be seen in everything from the way the compressor is designed, supported, and serviced. At the same time, you can reap the benefits of modern compressors more cost-effectively using remanufactured products.

With a remanufactured commercial compressor, you can rest assured you are getting a unit that meets all applicable performance and environmental standards. A fully remanufactured compressor is ready to serve all your needs for another 8-10 years, just as you’d expect from an all-new OEM commercial compressor.

This can help you reach your company’s goals in a wide variety of ways:

1. Budget Savings for Your Compressor Fleet

Savings is the key reason why buyers look for remanufactured commercial compressors. Today, this is an even more important factor than ever. All-new units sold by OEM-affiliated wholesalers are becoming more expensive and taking longer to fulfill, sometimes stretching into multiple months.

When you work with a commercial/industrial compressor remanufacturer, it is possible to achieve savings of 10% – 30% and possibly more. The savings potential is increased when your remanufacturer has well-established ways to source compressor cores, cutting out one of the biggest expenses in the process.

This is especially significant if, like so many enterprises out there, you need multiple compressors to keep your operations running smoothly. Many times, facilities managers will leverage the savings to make sure they have backup compressors on hand for faster emergency response.

2. Improved Environmental Quality

Environmental standards have consistently gone up over the last twenty years, regardless of who happens to be leading the government. It’s always a good strategy to get out ahead of changing regulations, and your choice of remanufactured commercial compressor may help you do it.

A remanufactured commercial or industrial compressor is rigorously tested to ensure adherence to all of the same environmental standards the original unit was designed for. You can help control your company’s carbon footprint at a lower price, putting another plank in your strategy to avoid regulatory fines.

3. Reduced Supply Chain Concerns

The supply chain is the topic on everyone’s minds these days. Months after the initial disruption, problems are still being felt in the compressor industry. This is where many of the OEM manufacturers are falling short. They are relying on parts to be shipped to them, whereas, most remanufacturers have the majority of their supplies in-house being remanufactured for use. Saving money and time for both the supplier and buyer. 

4. Greater Building Management Compatibility

Building management systems are creating new methods to optimize the environment in industrial and commercial buildings. Unfortunately, though, not all compressors are intended to be compatible. If your compressor is older, it may not communicate with your building management apps at all.

With remanufactured commercial compressors, you have the opportunity to access a broader stock of compressors at a lower price. While it’s usually a wise idea to stick with the make and model you have used in the past, this can be helpful if you are expanding or building out a new space.

5. Direct Support for Future Maintenance Needs

Maintenance is absolutely crucial to keeping your compressors running smoothly. But just like the compressor units themselves, individual parts might be hard to come by. There’s nothing quite as frustrating as realizing your operations are in danger because of a back-ordered part you desperately need.

When you buy remanufactured, you link up with professionals who understand the maintenance needs of your specific commercial/industrial compressor. You have the resources to not only get parts quickly but receive expert input on any performance challenges or optimization questions you encounter while using your compressor.

This leads to lasting relationships that are beneficial to everyone.

Commercial and industrial enterprises of all shapes and sizes are facing new concerns. Many of them were never part of planning before. But, with help from a commercial/ industrial compressor remanufacture, you can trust, they’’ll rise to the challenge – and do it without sacrificing your budget. Once you see the benefits of a remanufactured commercial compressor, you just might never go back to the old way.


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