The Cost-Effective Solution: How Remanufactured Compressors Save Money

Cost Effective Solution

You already know that a commercial compressor replacement could be one of the biggest equipment investments that your business needs to make. One of the most important issues when planning the replacement of commercial compressors is to make sure you have gotten as much value as possible without pushing the equipment too far.

The average commercial compressor will last about eight to ten years. It can last even longer with the right form of commercial compressor maintenance – weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually. That said, sooner or later it becomes necessary to replace a commercial compressor. It’s best to have a plan in mind early on.

For that, you need a cost-effective solution.

Even though a commercial compressor often only gets replaced once a decade, it can be a major hit to the budget. A business that needs a commercial compressor can’t do without it, but it makes sense to save money whenever you can. The best way to save money and get a cost-effective solution is with remanufactured compressors.

Remanufactured Compressors: The Cost Effective Solution to Save Money

When companies look for a new commercial compressor, they usually turn to the OEM first. The OEM has a list of approved wholesalers (or sometimes just one wholesaler) to provide “new” equipment to customers. But a new compressor from the OEM wholesaler isn’t usually new at all. Instead, it is remanufactured by a remanufacturing company selected by the OEM.  

If you work with the OEM or its affiliates, what you’re almost always actually paying for is the brand name when you purchase a semi-hermetic or screw compressor.

Sure, the OEM wholesaler has plenty of good reasons to ensure they meet the brand’s standards. But they get to collect a premium because of their position without really promising you anything more than you can get faster and less expensive elsewhere. A dedicated compressor remanufacturing company is the way to go when you want quality and save money.

With a compressor remanufacturing company in the United States, you know exactly what you’ll get – a compressor that meets all quality, safety, and environmental standards set by the OEM at a fraction of the cost of buying new. A remanufactured compressor should not be released to you until it hits these benchmarks.

A compressor remanufacturing company has the power to deliver on these promises because it uses an existing compressor core as the basis of the new unit. That core usually isn’t the one you send in, but you receive a big rebate for your used compressor core that helps you get even bigger savings.

That rebate, combined with the significant reduction in shipping distance, means that you can achieve savings of 10%, 20%, 30%, or even more over what the OEM has to offer. It’s a cost-effective solution that allows you to save money and time. You also cut down your procurement time from months to weeks.

Most of today’s leading commercial compressor brands are large global enterprises. Materials can travel thousands of miles to fabricate a new part or a compressor core. Partnering with a trusted compressor remanufacturer like Compressors Unlimited means you are cutting down that entire supply chain to the distance between you and the remanufacturer.

With Remanufactured Compressors, You Save Money But Don’t Compromise Quality

Why is a remanufactured compressor such a good bet? The simple answer is you know what you’re getting.

With a “rebuilt compressor,” you can never be sure what you’re going to end up with. A rebuilt commercial compressor doesn’t really have any definition—often, it means that a compressor has been cleaned inside and out, possibly had a valve plate and gasket changed, often repainted, and not much else. Compressor remanufacturing is very different.

A properly remanufactured compressor undergoes a complete engineering process, where all parts are fully examined by experts. Any parts that aren’t performing properly are replaced. Likewise, some components, such as piston rings, are vulnerable to problems even when they look fine—these should always be replaced.

Once the basic replacements to piston rings and other vulnerable parts are made, remanufacturing a compressor moves on to a comprehensive testing process. Every function of the compressor needs to be checked, and it’s here where the level of certainty comes in.

As each function is checked, the results of those tests are documented and adjustments are made. Before the unit is sent to the customer, it must pass all of the required checks to meet all of the environmental and performance benchmarks set by the OEM for the make, model, and year the compressor represents.

Sometimes, it will even exceed these standards. But regardless, it will never fail to meet them.

Because a remanufactured commercial compressor offers such a high degree of certainty, it is ultimately the most cost-effective solution for saving money. You’ll minimize the downtime that comes from your compressor replacement, so you don’t lose out on business opportunities, and you’ll be ready for another decade of reliable compressor service.


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