The Carrier Paragon Compressors for Commercial Refrigeration

carrier paragon compressor

When you need a reliable refrigeration compressor, you know that you can count on Carrier. The Carrier name has been around for decades and is known for its focus on innovation that’s second to none. It’s no surprise, then, that the Carrier team has continued to develop amazing products that are highly in demand today.

One of those is the Carrier Paragon 06T Compressor.

Over the last several months, we’ve received more and more inquiries about the Carrier Paragon models. Thanks to Carrier’s dedication to energy efficiency and environmental protection, it’s easy for us to access the Paragon compressor cores our customers need, even though Paragon compressors rarely fail or go out of service.

Let’s take a closer look at the reasons Carrier Paragon is getting so popular.

With the Paragon Compressors, Carrier Takes Quality to the Next Level

When you invest in a refrigeration compressor, you can’t afford anything less than the service you can really count on. Carrier has always been one of the foremost names for commercial refrigeration compressors, and it has outdone itself with the bevy of features that make the Paragon special:

1. A More Compact Design

Paragon 06T twin screw compressors boast a more compact design that helps them be smaller and lighter than a comparable reciprocating compressor. Despite the compact and efficient size, they pack quite a bit of power into a much smaller package. This makes them versatile and even reduces the cost of ownership. All in all, you can expect them to be about 15% smaller and lighter than competing reciprocating compressors.

2. Higher Capacity than Ever

Old faithful” reciprocating compressors are often chosen over more recent designs for one reason: Power. A Paragon 06T means you can have the best of both worlds. It delivers up to 50% higher capacity than baseline reciprocating compressors. Of all the screw compressors available today, the Paragon 06T arguably stands toe to toe with reciprocating compressors better than any other.

3. Superior Layout and Floor Space Usage

Paragon’s reduced size isn’t just about convenience or logistics. The difference is finally big enough that it will change the way you think about your floor space. With high specific output, you can use fewer compressors per rack while still getting the results you want. That leads to smaller mechanical rooms!

4. No More Noise Worries

Lower noise and vibration are hallmarks of a screw compressor design, and a Paragon 06T will not disappoint! It means you can place your compressor in locations that would have been simply off-limits before. That creates a better experience for your maintenance personnel and the public.

5. Extraordinary Reliability and Longevity

A Paragon 06T screw compressor has much fewer moving parts than a reciprocating compressor, so there are fewer repairs and replacements to do over time. You’re much more likely to see your compressor reach its full eight to ten-year operating life without a hitch and maintain a high degree of efficiency along the way.

6. Tolerance to Liquid Flood-Back

Liquid flood-back refers to a situation where liquid refrigerant, not vapor, returns to the compressor’s suction side in operation. Typically, this can lead to slugging, which may cause a catastrophic failure. The Paragon 06T resists flood-back thanks to a design that does away with both suction and discharge reed valves.

7. Excellent Capacity and Performance

No matter if you’re interested in low, medium, or high-temperature applications, the Paragon 06T has you covered. Thanks to its vapor injection model, it supports mechanical sub-coolers throughout the complete range of operating temperatures. The result is exceptional system capacity, performance, and stability.

A Remanufactured Paragon 06T Compressor Can Save You Time and Money

Companies big and small are excited about what the Paragon 06T can do for them.

It makes sense to move fast on the golden opportunity to enjoy the next step in Carrier technology. But you should also do what you can to save more money along the way. With a remanufactured Carrier compressor, you can cut weeks or even months off your procurement time while saving hundreds or thousands of dollars.

A remanufactured commercial compressor typically comes at a discount of 10%, 20%, or even 30% compared to a new Paragon 06T compressor from an OEM-affiliated wholesaler. Yet, you get the same quality and reliability, verified with a complete battery of documented tests.

With compressor remanufacturing, an intact compressor core matching your desired make and model is used as the basis of your new system. (Your own existing core is preferred where possible.) The unit is opened up, cleaned inside and out, and all necessary replacements are made.

At each step, functions are verified through testing, which includes a complete submergence test as well as testing under load. That makes remanufacturing the fastest and least pricey way to make a Paragon yours.


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