The Carlyle Compressor Company and our Remanufactured Models

The Carlyle Compressor company has a rich history that goes back to the inception of air conditioning technology. One of Carlyle’s co-founders, Willis Carrier, was the scientist widely credited with the invention of electrical air conditioners in the year 1902. Years later, he and six other engineers pooled together to form Carrier Engineering Corporation in 1915. One of the most significant developments of this venture was the invention and use of refrigerant compressors in their air conditioning machines. Willis Carrier and another founding partner, J. Irvine Lyle, would go on to create Carlyle, a combination of their last names, a compressor company within the Carrier Engineering Corporation. The use of refrigerants and compressors revolutionized climate control machines forever. Since it was discovered that refrigerants could be cooled to much lower temperatures than water through phase changes between gas and liquid, refrigerant compressors have been a vital component of refrigeration and air conditioning units. Carlyle has been a leading innovator in the field since this revolutionary discovery.

Our Remanufactured Carlyle Compressor Models

Compressors Unlimited is your definitive source for remanufactured Carlyle compressors. Traditionally bearing the Carrier company name, our Carlyle compressors are rebuilt with brand new components to give you like-new performance while offering significant savings over a new model. Our line of Carlyle/ Carrier ac compressors includes the 06D, 06E, 06L, 5F, and 5H series compressors. The 06D and 06E lines are compact, semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors. Semi-hermetic means that it is sealed against refrigerant leaks but not permanently so that the machine may be serviced. These units are very versatile in their applications since they are a two-in-one unit with high and low stages built into the same machine. The 06L is an enlarged version of the other 06 models weighing up to 2200 lbs. The 5F and 5H are open drive reciprocating compressors. Open drive means that the unit must be hooked up to an external motor for power. Open drive compressors are valued for their durability and reliability but come at a greater operating cost.

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